/Disneyland needs 25% capacity to reopen, analysts say

Disneyland needs 25% capacity to reopen, analysts say

Is it worth opening Disneyland again? What about Walt Disney World? Bernstein analyst Todd Junger has an idea of ​​what it would be like to return to the park.

What’s happening:

  • Bernstein Junger estimates that Disney parks could lose ১ 1 billion from its shutdown during the coronavirus epidemic. Now, Juenzer says it would not be appropriate to reopen unless a certain amount of money is made by visiting the parks, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Very little is known about cost flexibility and variable contribution margins,” Juenzer explained. “We use the available information we get, especially information from other Disney theme parks (especially Tokyo) and a variable margin of open and guest contributions, to estimate the cost of parks while the parks are closed. “

“Disney can make a substantial profit to cut the fixed and variable costs of operating its parks while operating about 25% of general services.”

When is Disneyland again?

On Wednesday, Disney Parks announced that the th5th anniversary of the park’s inauguration would begin the process in phases from 1 July 17, Desert News reported.

According to Disney, some of these dates are “pending approval by state and local authorities.”