Digimon announced 10 popular Digimon!

The official Digimon site recently returned to Digimon fans in April to vote for their favorite Digimon. These results now count the 10 most popular digiman with the official site.

10. Pataman

Pataman is a rookie level digiman. Pataman Digivolvs from Tokomon and primarily Anjimon from Digivolvs. Pataman is Tekeru “TK”. Takaishi’s partner in the continuation of Designmon Adventures.

He first appeared in the first episode of Digimon Adventure in 1999.

9. Beamon

Beamon is a rookie level digiman. From Demivimon to Beamon Digivolvs and Digivolvs for Xvimon. Beamon has teamed up with Davis Motomia and Rayak Akaima.

He first appeared in the first episode of Digimon Adventure in 2000.

8. Terrierman

Terriermon is a rookie level digiman. Terrimon Digivolovs from Gerimon and Digivlovs in Gargamon. Willis is Terrierman’s partner.

7. Pildraman

Pylodrome is a final level of digiman. He is Digivolus from Xvimon and Digivolvs in Imperialraman Dragon mode.

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Season 2 Episode 26 of Piedrammon Digimon Adventure 02 26 “United We Stated.” Appear first.

6. Alphamon

Alphamon is a mega level Digimon. He first attended the tri-cinema reunion of Digimon Adventure.

5. Arrival

Agumon is a rookie level digiman. He graduated from Coroman to Graemeon.

His partner is so Kamia and he appears in the first episode of the first Digimon adventure “and so it begins …”

4. Biljaman

Belzeman is a mega-level digimon and one of the seven great demon lords.

3. Galantomon

Galantomon is a mega level digmon. He digivolves from a combination of Wargirlmon or Gilmon and Bearman. He dies in Galanton Crimson mode. His partners include Takato Matsuki, Immortal Brave and Kauta Heroes.

2. Wargrimon

Wargrimon is a mega-level digiman. He has dissected metalglimon and flairizamon. He is the Omnimon, Victorigrimon and Omnimon Javarte Digivolves. His partner is Taichi “Tai” Kamia.

1. Omegaman

Known as the Omegaman Omnimon, it was one of the Royal Knights and was created through a combination of Wargraimon and Metalgarumuran.

He is the partner of Taichi “Tai” Kamiya.

What is your favorite Digimon list? What are your top 10 favorite digiums?

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