Did Corey Rathzeb make money? The 90-day fianc তারকা provides spells and tricks for star money

Corey provides striptease for money on camos and fanbound. Credit Pick: @KorairathJebar_90 / Instagram

Despite what it looks like, the reality show you are coming to will not make you a millionaire. Just ask the 90-day fianc: Ally Way, Corey Rathgbarber

His recent contribution to social media asks us if he has enough money?

Not surprisingly, during his season in the series, Rathgaber revealed that he sent বান 40,000 to his girlfriend Evelyn to open a bar in his home country of Ecuador.

Also, at the time of the reunion, Corey revealed that he had only $ 1,500 in his account.

Corey has found a creative way to make some extra money.

Corey is trying to make money on cam and fanbound

Kamenek TLC shared Instagram posts and promoted his profile cam:

“I do all sorts, just tell me what style you want!” Strip teas (no X-rated), magic tricks, birthdays, simple screams, etc. “

The 32-year-old is trying to raise money for Fanbound and his services start at 2.99. For this low price, you will be able to write notes or letters that you read online.

If you want Corey to respond to your message, it will cost you 3.99.

Also, if you want striptease, you have to pay $ 39 and you have to send জন্য 50 for a phone call from Corey.

Rathgebar’s most expensive service costs 399. For this price, he promotes your product or company on the Instagram page.

You can see a complete list of his services and prices on his fanbound profile.

Corey and Evelyn Bar

If you’re interested in the beach bar where Corey invested his life savings, the business seems to be doing well – or so it was.

The bar has an Instagram and Facebook page called Cocklets del Pariso, which translates to Paradise cocktails in English.

About 10,000 followers gathered on the IG website. According to all accounts, they arrived at a comfortable place on quite a few feet.

But the Paradise Cocktail is not currently making any money because the COVID-19 epidemic has forced the company to close its doors.

In March, they posted a notice of termination on Facebook, in part saying: “The health and safety of our families, staff and visitors is of the utmost importance to us. That is why we have closed it by government order until it is over.”

They added: “We hope from the bottom of our hearts that we will soon return to normal and that we can serve you the best drinks under the beautiful sun in front of the sea.”

If Evelyn and Corey are the main source of income for Cocklets del Pariso, it is easy to see how they can have less cash at this time.

New season of 90-day engagement: Another Way premieres on June 8 at 8,7c at TLC.

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