Did America preserve this Golden Market Act?

On Wednesday night, the third AGT results show of the season aired, Five actions have risen to the semifinals. Three activities were transmitted for the American vote, while two more were sent to Dunkin ‘Save and Judges’ choice.

Because only five of the eleven who performed on Tuesday night were able to advance, we had to say goodbye to some talented people. Read on to find out what works were made through this and who is running the house.

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‘AGT’ results: Who is going to the semifinals?

During Wednesday’s AGT results show, the following activities garnered enough votes to advance to the next round:

Alan Silva
Christina Roy
Highest Major

This means that the following activities were excluded from the competition:

Dance Town family
Annie Jones
Sheldon Relay
Broken bones
Osama Siddiqui

Performed by John Dorenbos

Former AGT star John Dorenbos performed his card magic routine during Wednesday’s results show with the help of judges. He has finished putting together new playing cards based on their preferences.


‘AGT’ results: Who won the Dunkin ‘Save and Judges’ choice?

The three activities were at risk of extinction as fans got a chance to save one of them by casting their vote while the AGT results were on display. Tasks to save were:

Arm crew
Owner dope
Nolan took

Voting was open for 30 minutes. Terry Crew announced it at the end of the ceremony Arm crew Will advance to the semifinals. Terry said the show is one of the closest votes so far.

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The judges then had the opportunity to preserve one of the remaining two laws. Two of the three judges have been chosen Owner dope, Meaning Nolan Neil was left out.


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