Dickinson County Medical Officers Report Low COVID-19 Number Despite Fourth Larger Gathering in July

SPIRIT LAKE, Iowa (KTIV) – A long vacation weekend is usually a busy time for Dickinson County lakes.

“The initial number was about 700 boats and about 4,000 people,” said Mary Scopeck, executive director of the Iowa Lakeside Laboratory.

There was a huge group of exceptions, everyone gathered in one place.

Some medical officials say a red flag is against the COVID-19 safety system. But according to the Iowa Department of Public Health, numbers in the region have yet to spike.

“We’ve had two more hospitalizations in the last week and a half, but outside of that we haven’t really seen what we thought we might have,” said Craig Cunningham, Lakes Regional Health Physician.

Local health officials say they are satisfied and satisfied with the remaining few, but are ready if they start growing.

“Our hospital formed a team, a taskforce that was basically ready for the possibility of it coming,” Cunningham said.

Other means of preparation come from the Iowa Lakeside Laboratory.

“We are conducting a research project this summer, trying to assess recreational stress in West Okboji. It’s not about trying to formulate Lakeside legislation or policy, we’re just trying to create information around which we can have a good discussion for the community, ”Scopeck said.

While residents, medical officers and lab staff continue to monitor the numbers, the advice of a professional remains the same.

“The CDC is still recommending the social distance system. We want to have a positive outlook in our region, ”Cunningham said.

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