Diarojan scored 227 points, surpassing sports reality in the home opener

SAN ANTONIO – Dema DeRozan had two points and the San Antonio Spurs beat the Toronto Raptors 119-114 in the final minute on Saturday night.

One minute left, including DeRozan’s 3-pointer, pulled the Spars to 114-113 and they took a 111-114 lead in the back of Lamarcas Aldridge’s Fedway with 29.9 seconds.

Toronto’s Kyle Lowry missed a 19-footer draw with 22-3 seconds left and Rudy Gay made two free throws at the other end.

Fred Vanvalit had 2 points and Chris Boucher added 22 points for the Raptors in their first road game.

Patty Mills added 21 points for San Antonio. Aldridge had 12 points and Descent Moore had 11 points, 10 assists and 10 rebounds.

San Antonio has been playing its first home game since March 10, before the league imposed a four-month layoff due to the epidemic.

The Spans AT&T center played a standard message with an outline of the league rules for fans in attendance even though the center was basically zero. There were a few family members scattered in the bowl below, but their support was drowned out by the recorded cheers.

San Antonio coach Greg Popovich expects more 3-point shooting this season, and Spurs responded with 14 for 34 after trying their season opener 25 against Memphis Grizzlies.

The Spurs had four 3-pointers in the second quarter to match their output at the start, but their speed accelerated to enable them to add three right to the second.


Raptors: Lori had 16 points and 10 rebounds for her second double-double in two games. He has 10 assists for Toronto at an average of 17 points. … Aaron Bynes made his debut in San Antonio as a member of the Raptors. In his ninth season, Baines spent his first three seasons in the NBA with the Spurs before moving to WWE, Boston, Phoenix and Toronto.

Spurs: Popovich said Derrick White is progressive and “will be back soon” not to play the predecessor and lost the team’s opener after surgery on his left leg. The team’s starting point guard was running, cutting 3-pointers before the game and shooting no signs of discomfort signs Second-year player Quindari Weatherspun is out after surgery on his left knee in the off-season.

The next one is coming

Reuters: Complete a two-game road trip against the Philadelphia 76ers on Tuesday.

Spurs: Play the first back-to-back game against the Pelicans in New Orleans on Saturday.

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