Dewan Clegg says Tofar is better than Jihun

The former 90-day-old fianc’s personality claps his hands behind his back and says Toffer is a better father than Jihun Lee. Peak Credit: FamilyVani / YouTube

Dewan Klig, the personality of the former 90-day fianc, can’t just stir up his haters.

In recent months, Dewan has made it clear that he is doing his best to keep himself away from the 90-day fianc franchise. After her marriage to her ex-husband Jihun Lee became an expatriate, Dewan did what he could.

This includes a new boyfriend, moving fast with Tuffer Park. Since they have confirmed their relationship, the two are not ashamed of their love.

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However, not all 90-day fianc fans are happy to see Dewan move on from the show. In fact, many accused the star of preventing her son Taiyeng from seeing her father Jihun.

And after posting a picture of her and Tofer’s Christmas with the kids, more followers came to Dewan to rub her new family in Jihan’s face.

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Dewan clapped again in front of a fan who told him to ‘take some responsibility’

In addition to the Christmas photos, Dewan included the caption, “My crazy, stupid, happy family. I’m so excited for Christmas! Looking forward to spending it with these amazing three.”

Unfortunately, what a simple post on Christmas should have been, was complicated when a follower criticized Dewan for initiating a relationship with Jihan.

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“I wonder why you got involved in a culture that you know so little about and it proves that all life is to blame for what he does. If so, you should also take some responsibility. It takes two (tango), “the follower wrote

Although the comment was not answered at first, the dewan finally decided that he could no longer sit still and let his followers think that it was all his fault.

She responded with a list of the various steps she has taken to take care of her family and some serious help from Toffer.

“1. I work and I support my kids myself. The fun culture thing you saw on the show brought me to the idea and the producers, it’s called the story line. 3. This person cheated, abused and never helped. I set off for safety and prudence. 4. Chris (Toffer) is a better dad than my ex. So don’t disrespect him, ”he said backwards.

Peak Credit: @ 90day_yahooboy / Instagram

Dewan said he had ‘done it’ with hatred

Dewan has received endless criticism from fans and followers over the past few months. Many have accused Dewan of keeping his 2-year-old son Taiyeng away from seeing his father.

Dewan, of course, vehemently denies this and recently shared his Instagram story saying that Jihun has blocked all communication with him.

In a separate post, Dewan also targeted the haters who gave her a hard time being a young mother. She said she has no regrets for deciding to keep her children and “I will never feel inferior to my mother because I am the youngest mother.”

The 90-day engagement is broadcast on TLC on Sunday at 8 / 7c.

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