Developers are bringing Riders Republic

Easily 2020 has been quite a busy and unusual year. Thanks to the global health epidemic known as the coronavirus, we are all working on some serious restrictions. We practice our social distance and refrain from crowding in large groups. This is because it helps prevent further spread of the virus which is proven to be easily transmitted to individuals. As a result, a number of events and exposures have been canceled for years, and video game studios have taken to online streaming to present their content instead of showing anything.

E3’s choices don’t often happen in 203. To showcase full media conferences with new video announcements and updates to their line of video game projects, we’re regularly unveiling more content online. It’s like expanding E3 throughout the year with these big events. Also, there are no awkward breaks or errors because most of the content displayed is predefined. For Ubisoft, they are dropping a streaming series called Ubisoft Forward. So far there have been two with more promises to be presented at a later date.

During these events, video games were released from Ubisoft, much like the Prince of Persia: a remake of The Sands of Time. In addition, we have launched Riders Republic, a new MMO Extreme sports game for developers behind the Steps. Across the various national parks in the United States, players can expect to do some incredible horse races with friends on bikes, skis, and even wingsites. Looks like it’s quite an intense setup and those you don’t want to run around trying to collect some intense tactics can probably wander for free.

Unfortunately, you don’t get the chance to pick up the game completely this year. At the moment, the game is set to launch on February 25, 2021 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Source: Ubisoft

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