Developer David Smith shares insights on what’s going to improve on Apple Watch with OSOS 7

Apple is preparing to announce the 7th month to monitor the Apple Watch operating system next month. And while 9to5Mac has already revealed specific details about the upcoming software, developer David Smith has shared some interesting ideas about what can be improved with WatchOS 7 based on his experience with creating apps for Apple Watch.

David Smith is responsible for applications such as Pedometer ++, Workouts ++, Sleep ++, Audio Books and Watchsmith – which is covered here recently. Specifically, Apple is an app that has made the developer look at the future of Apple Watch considering some aspects of the future.

It starts with saying that Apple should “refine” several developers several times, which basically means replacing third-party applications in the system. While this may be considered negative by some developers, it’s always a good idea to have new built-in features.

It always feels a little bad at first that something is stolen from me. Then it feels really good to build something that Apple has chosen to look like. Then it usually ends up being a good thing for my app.

David hopes to see Apple’s official sleep system for the last time this year. Having a device that examines sleep quality can be very useful in helping users stay healthy and improve their experiences.

He suggested that sleep monitoring could be technically due to the creation of his own app, but Apple has decided to keep the feature until they find a compatible hardware. The battery of current Apple Watch models can last for two full days (depending on usage). More than a sleep monitor, a new sleep “ring” and a feature that tells you when it is time to go to bed when you can sleep last night.

Speaking of rings, David regards activity rings as “immutable.” While you can change your activity goals with the calories you need, stand and exercise rings are the same for all Apple Watch users. People who recover from illness or injury may want to reduce these goals to be motivated, so it can be considered an accessibility question.

After achieving all goals for six consecutive days, the OS earnedOSOS as “designated” VV should provide a rest day. That option is implemented in the David Pedometer ++ app, and allows users to recover and recover once a week without losing their monthly flow.

Like watch faces, the developer requires the ability to offer many integrations with a third-party app. At present, only Apple apps can present the same variety of problems, as weather and timers are questioning. Many customizable watch faces will be a huge improvement in addition to OSOS 7, but those sounds don’t really look like it.

Another complaint was reported about an unbelievably complicated system, which often failed to update complex data. Personally, I have a lot of related issues with my Apple app, and sometimes I have to manually open applications to get the complexes updated.

Apple Watch has already provided some basic mental health features through Brass Apple, but David Apple has suggested that guided meditation should be added. He also said that WatchOS 7 should include tips and reminders about nutrition. Here, on Apple Watch, I use WaterMinder to remind me to drink water throughout the day, but such behavior should apply to the system.

While I don’t see Apple Crown as a full-fledged food tracker, I think more needs to be done with this exercise. The basics like encouraging them to drink water or the like include a welcome. While what we eat / drink may be more important to our overall health than our daily routine, it has not been touched by watchOS yet. She feels this is a missed opportunity for our “intelligent health nurse.”

It supports options such as smart alerts, a more sophisticated and detailed bar, better automatic sports detection and real freedom from the iPhone.

What we already know about ‹agoOS 7.

Based on the beta version released on iOS 14, 9to5Mac, this year it has received some Apple plans for Apple Watch and Samsung 7 7. We know that Apple works in “Children’s Mode”, so parents can set up another Apple Wey with an iPhone, in addition to child-friendly activity rings.

It is also expected that “agoOS 7” will include a new watch face and an option to share it with others. The long-awaited sleep tracking modes have also been found in the iOS 14 code, but we don’t know if it’s planned to work with the current Apple Watch models or the new Apple Watch Series 6 later this year. .

What do you expect for OS 7 to watch? Let us know in the comments below.

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