Destiny 2 Hakmun Guide: How to get an exotic hand cannon

If you’ve been a fan of this series since the beginning, there’s plenty of reasons to be excited about Destiny 2 lately. Starting to bring back old areas to explore again, Bungi has once again brought some fan-favorite foreign weapons back to the pool of bound light spreads. It was a big surprise without any mention or leadership to prepare the players for the return of the popular Hawkmoon Ecstatic Hand Cannon As light as it may be, you need to own your hunting season to start this old alien once again to earn a certain questline. But it is a long and complex quest that even experienced players can fight. This guide shows you exactly how to get it done so you can reunite with this classic gun.

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The quest is starting

The search begins on the shores of Jatla by talking to Splider, Flann Merchant Spider. Check his list and select as Crow Flies Quest to set the purchase quest. The first stage involves finding five paracasal feathers, although the details won’t tell you that much. The search lore text contains a number of clues as to where you should look for the five searches, but we’ve got them right here.

The first shepherd

The first feather you choose is graciously close to the spider’s lair. Just exit, turn left and look at the top of the boxes next to the entrance. You should spot golden illuminated feathers no problem.

The second shepherd

The next stop is EDZ. Specifically, you want the sludge to touch the bottom to the north. Climb on top of a broken-down scaffolding-type structure facing the opposite side in a large rock ditch carrying a white stone. The feather is right on the edge.

The third shepherd

Climb up the steps to the next cosmodrome and grab the instant right and rise above the tall pillars of concrete and metal. Way up top third feather.

The fourth feather

Now we are going to the Divalian Mists of Dreaming City. Take your Sparrow to the entrance to the Blind Well and stop by the huge gates. There are slightly raised platforms on either side of the gate and this feather is resting on the left to right.

Fifth feather

Our fifth and final feather is the hardest to find. Go to the Eris landing area on the moon and enter the archer line to reach the Temple of the Croats. You will want to take the entrance to Wisdom Hall on the hive and cross the hall until you hit the Temple of Orix, where the final battle will take place during Hunt’s early mission season. The feathers near the stairs of this house on the far left side of the house are somewhat obscure.

Loosen your loose

With five feathers in hand, return to Spider’s Lair and talk to Cray. He will give you the next step in the quest, starting with the simple task of completing the cry of overcoming missions.

Cry from the other side

This is a simple goal that you start by going back to the sled of the EDZ to kill or ignore the initial enemies and just follow the main path until you find a glittering bazaar outside a small cave. Reach inside and navigate the traffic platforming sections until you reach the end, where you will be attacked by a bunch of tech. Delete all of these and you will be prompted to pick up the broken hawkmoon. Return it to purchase and he will update your search again with your next job update

Generate 50 power plants

Like almost any other quest involving the recovery of an item in Destiny 2, you need to grind a few orbs of power to begin the process. Thanks to this it is an easy and quick task until a master work is ready for you. The two easiest ways to do this are to go through the Kingshop Dock Lost sector on the Jatla coast or to the moon and take part in the Alters of Tire public event. This task will send you to your next location as soon as it is checked off.

Investigate the coordinates

It almost doesn’t sound like cryptic or challenging. The location you need to be in EDZ has already been identified for you, so move on to the Trustland area. Just follow the search to make sure you choose all the feathers as you go your way, but don’t worry when you realize you can get four out of five feathers. You will get the final one after defeating the boss at the end of the quest. Once this step is complete, you guessed it, we need to talk to the crow again. From here, the quest begins to get a little difficult.

Kill the champions or guardians

You have a choice of how you want to do it: either enter Crucible or Gambit to kill other guardians or look for Champions. The value of each Guardian kill is half a percentage point, meaning you have to kill 200 kills to fill the bar. If you really like PVP and are really good then there is nothing wrong with this method. No matter how good you are, it’s going to be slow in two ways.

Champions cost 3% per kill, you only need to hit 34 to fill the progress bar. The obvious downside is how complicated it is to find the legendary Empire Hunt and the legendary lost sector as it changes every day and week. Check out what’s available, grab some friends, and blow them up as soon as possible. When the bar is full it is finally time to recover the hakkun.

Repair Hawkmoon

Thanks, we don’t have to go to Crowe again and can go straight to EdgeZ in Sludge for the final step of the search. You have to repeat the previous step, you have to go through the bound last current of the land sector again, only this time the golden lightning will take you in another direction. You’ll plunge one of the top of the main path into a new series of platforming challenges that will eventually take you to the same boss’s field for the first time. Bring out the tech again and some hawkmoon will appear in your inventory through the battle. Feel free to use it to make the rest of the fight a little easier.

Hakkamun’s new statistics

This version of Hakkamoon is not like you remember from your original destination. The most notable change is the Paracasal Shot Park. It makes every final hit and right hit buff buff Hawkmoon’s final shot up to seven times. If you manage to charge up to seven, the final shot can seriously damage a yellow and orange health bar guru, or even a single shot for an enemy guardian in the crucible.

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