Destination 2: Arrival season is now live, check out the new patch notes here

Destiny 2 was a busy day in Bungie. A new update 2.9.0 has been released to release and release the next expanded pack.

Bungi has released the official patch note which can be seen below. The new update basically focuses on the upcoming season, but adds and corrects different aspects of the game. Gameplay, weapons and more have been finely tuned in this new update.



  • Modes have now been omitted by a white item bubble instead of the incorrectly defined Ecstasy Ingram bubble.
  • Duplicate modes will no longer descend from the flawless chest.
  • Additional masterwork content awards have now come down to winning three, five and seven trials.
  • A trials weekly rational favor that unlocks the trial engines at St.-14.
    • Please note that the prize will match the 3 milestone prizes of the week.
  • The distribution of trial tokens has once again become unbalanced in order to focus on winning in three, five and seven of the test passes.
    • This includes repeatable paragraphs.
  • Trial tokens are no longer awarded for match completion.
    • Tokens are now specifically sanctioned through wins and celebrations.
  • Wealth’s passage has now doubled the ton bonus by winning three, five and seven trials.
  • The intro quest step “Pending Entry” must now reach Power 1010.

Nightfall: The ordeal

  • Possession of orchids.
    • New strikes have been added to the ordinance: Shadow Lake, Corruption and Festering Corps.
  • General energy levels have been updated to 11 levels in the new season.
  • The Grandmaster issue will be available on July 21, 2020.
  • Increase the drops of masterwork elements for the inconvenience of Grandmaster Nightfall.
    • An exterior armor item is now more likely to be dropped at the Grandmaster Finish in platinum, gold and silver levels.
    • Grandmaster finishes at the platinum level now guarantee an ascending autumn (one extra with a small chance) and four augmentation processes (with an additional possibility of 1-2 extra).
    • Grandmaster finishing at the gold level now guarantees two incremental premiums (with limited possibilities in two more).
    • Grandmaster completion at the silver level now has a small chance at two enhancement processes.

In UI / UX

Remapping controller button

  • There is a new “custom” controller layout that allows the player to rebuild keys on any activity button if selected.
  • Additional details can be found in the blog article “This Week in Bungie – 6/4/2020”.

PC and stadia settings

  • Reconstructed keyboard, mouse and controller settings.

Gear Detailed Subscription

  • Toggle status display is now additionally supportable in Unskipped Armor.
    • Previously, it was only supported for decorated armor.
    • This allows you to toggle related statistics related to gear or create aggregate statistics in the detailed subscreen of gear.

In the container of the wrapped item

  • A new container has been added to the listing screen, providing an easy field to find your ever purchases for wrapped items / bundles.
  • Wrapped items will appear in their respective areas (for example: ghosts in ghost containers) as well as in these new areas.


  • Economical load screen hints have been added.

Gameplay and investment


  • Coldheart’s “longest winter” solved a problem that prevented the park from triggering the Seattle Ramparts Assault Barrier.
  • After activating the roaming super, Devil’s run fixed a problem that could have prevented him from firing his charged shots.
  • Perfect fifth park with fixed polaris lance.
    • Shooting a quick sixth shot doesn’t cancel out the explosion anymore from the fifth shot.
  • Crucible, Gambit, Vanguard, Event Package, and Gunsmith Engram Prize weapons are now pulling from the shared world legend pool.
  • Eighth 8th and Season 9 Season passes and outdoor quest weapons can be taken from cryptocurrencies.
    • Related searches removed.
  • Weapon ornaments have been added to the collections.
  • Reload park changes
    • Design Note:
      • Sew at archo-specific reload animation speed: 0-100 and reload the map.
      • Reload Duration Scale: Most reload parks also apply a small multiplier to the reload animation, so that the reload condition is capped but you still see a small speed jolt (the same applies to some other parks, such as affecting handling))
      • Reload the Free Duration Scale: As above, only applies if the journal is blank.
      • Note that since most weapons have sufficient reload statistics, dropping the reload bonus from +100 to +50 will capture the reload status most of the time, resulting in a fairly small change in final speed (this still opens up some design space),
    • Robbers
      • Reload stat from +100 to +50.
      • Reload the 0.8 to 0.9 duration scale.
    • Feeding frenzy
      • The efficiency has changed to give increased reload speed based on the number of quick kills (five stacks).
      • Maximum reload duration scale 0.83 to 0.8 (i.e. slightly faster than current).
      • The maximum reload condition remains unchanged at +100.
    • Quick hit
      • Adjustment with stack mode curve to give less advantage for first hits and much more with subsequent hits.
      • Reload stat from +100 to +60.
      • Reload the duration scale from 0.8 to 0.925.
      • Durability range from +50 to 25.
    • Drop Mag
      • Reload the duration scale from 0.85 to 0.9 (this is only consistent with Outlook).
    • Field preparation – unchanged, but for reference:
      • Reload status +50
      • Reload Duration Scale 0.8
    • Alloy Mag – unchanged, but for reference:
      • Reload blank duration scale 0.6666
  • Other park changes
    • Dynamic needle reduction
      • Adds 10 durability along with accuracy.
    • Pulse monitor
    • Reload from 0.35 to 1.0.
      • +50 management
      • 5% faster switching speed (the position to handle the upper caps will be the most noticeable).
      • It also works on stud weapons, which were already there but makes it more effective.
    • Hipfire grip
      • 1.2x target followoff support
      • +15 target support.
      • +1.7 Degree Accuracy Hip Fire Angle Polarity.
      • By default, when a hip-firing weapon gets criticized to get a critique your reticulum center must exceed a target, otherwise target support will give you a body shot. This change gives you a slight tendency, so if the center of your lattice is not directly above a target, you will find the critic at this angle.
      • Sniper rifles have no effect.
    • Snake Bow
      • Radar now does not ping during shooting.
  • General architect changes
    • Slag shotgun PVE loss + 30%.
    • Damage to a high-impact pulse rifle from 21 to 22 per bullet – it varies from six critics to five critics / one body kills a PVP guard.
    • Bo PVE Loss vs. Adolescent Loss 10%
  • Bug fix
    • A bug has been fixed in Dawn’s Wordstlay players from extremely high platforms to retain the ability to prevent damage from activation.
    • A bug has been fixed so that players can go to a state where their Fist of Havoc Meli attack will be replaced with a sword swing.
    • It is designed to deal with significant damage to handheld supernovae used in the air.
    • Purses supplying partial weapons ammunition now respect the number of shots for explosives. This means that these parks will now work properly on Pulse Rifles, Fusion Rifles and Burst Sydrome, so in the future these parks will be more common in these archeological sites.
      • Slideways
      • Slideshot
      • Ambitious killer
      • Existence
      • Wonderful
      • Lead from gold
      • Clown cartridges


  • Strong friends will no longer stack Armor Mode. Modes will not provide any bonus statistics if multiple modes of this mode are equipped.
    • Developer Comments:
      • Only solar seasonal modes are made for stacking. No part of Orc mode is intended to maintain stacking functionality.
      • Strong friends allow +20 for mobility, which helps players get three stat columns at a maximum of 100 points. The advantages of the mode are not paid enough to justify it and increasing its cost will adversely affect the use of its primary facilities.
      • Season 11 introduces a new arc mode, in case of getting the same kind of stat bonus and will not stack.
  • Advanced Auto Rifle Loader, Advanced Fusion Rifle Loader and Advanced Bow Loader Armor Mode now has the opportunity to download from Pinnacle Mode Source.
  • Modes Several modes on the collection screen have addressed issues with visibility and source string.
  • Fixed a bug that forced Felluinter’s Helm Park “Words End” to be activated inconsistently.
  • A bug has been fixed that prevents the two-march linear actuator from triggering the park in the yellow bar.


  • A bug has been fixed that allows players to move off the map using Gladiator’s BloodRush finish.

Strength and progress

  • Weapons and armor power cap increased by 50 points. All sources will now be upgraded to 1000, strong source 1050 and top source 1060 at

Gardening and pursuit

  • Add three hours to the expiration time of all daily and repetitive bounces throughout the game.
  • The tower’s repeatable gardens are now on display at the seller before purchase (random purpose).
  • Warner’s benevolent grace will now trigger a related victory.

RAID AwardsThe following raid ecstasy has now increased the likelihood of a drop:

  • One thousand voices
  • Anarchy
  • Always on time (External sparrow from the chest hidden in the current of the past)

Note: The drop chance starts at 10% and increases to a maximum of 50% out of 20 cleanups.
SellerAdded the ability to use a foreign cipher to purchase a second faded Ingram from the jury each week.

Platforms and systems

  • Steam has fixed a problem that can lock FPS 30 fps as soon as the game is restarted.


  • Season 10 illuminated bright Engram has retired and in its place players can now get the new season 11 Memory Bright Engram.
  • A new “flyer” section has been added to the Bright Dust tab of Evers, with only Shader and Spawn FX.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Season Pass post-purchase screen to appear in reverse order.
  • Warmind-themed alien ghosts are available for free for 10 passes in their season.
  • Multiple changes have been made to the Season Pass Award, including:
    • Integrates multiple glamor awards.
    • Remove the legendary weapon ornaments.
    • Multiple bright dusts add reward points and enhance existing ones.
  • The drop probability of the ship managing the hero increased from 5% to 20%.
  • Resolves an issue when players log in and sort old searches into new ones.
  • Determining the location of the pass no longer meets your super meter.
  • A bug has been fixed that prevents players from winning against Benivolence.
  • The finisher fixes a crash that can occur in the gambit during performance.

Under the title Asan Tu, players will be introduced to new engines, John Enemy Encounters, Black Dogs and much more. It will serve as a presenter for the upcoming expansion later this year. In addition to the exciting announcement, Bungi is releasing a new short cinematic trailer, check it out below:

(Embed) (/ embed)

Destiny 2 Update 2.9.0 has now been released which adds a new extension to the upcoming season.

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