Depp arrives an hour late to conduct a defamation trial as soon as Paul takes the stand

Johnny Depp arrived an hour late for his human rights trial on Friday, as childhood Paul told the London High Court he had spotted Tesla chief Elon Musk outside the Los Angeles apartment building in Amber Hard at least twice after the Hollywood couple divorced.

According to Sky News, Depp did not appear in court until 11 a.m. after his friend Isaac Baruch, 40, began testifying via video link.

Baruch, an artist who lived rent-free in a penthouse apartment in Depp, says he has seen the SpaceX CEO twice in the building since the temporary couple broke up.

He said Kasturi was exiting the elevator for the first time and walking outside Heard and Depp’s apartment for the second time, according to Sky News.

“[Musk] Can go to the gym, or find the roof. That’s a great approach, ”Baruch testified.

Depp accuses the “Acoman” actress of having an affair with Kastur – whom he called “Mollask” at the wedding – which the millionaire businessman denies.

Baruch called Depp a “Nobel laureate” who paid him $ 100,000 over the years and let him stay rent-free on his various properties.

“When needed, I would ask for flour … to cut costs,” he said of the cash, which he called a loan but never repaid.

Baruch said the actress would call him after Heard and Depp parted ways.

“She worried about not being able to communicate with him,” he said.

He also called Hierr’s claims of domestic violence “fraudulent” and his sore face pictures published in People’s Magazine “dirty sand pictures.”

The couple saw him on May 22, 2016, just a few weeks after the couple ended their horrific romance.

“She wasn’t wearing a makeup dress, and there was nothing on her face,” she said. Heard he was asked if he could see any marks away from a foot and he said he “couldn’t see anything.”

In an April 2018 article based on Had’s allegations, he is suing her for branding her “wife bitter,” the ninth day of Depp’s offensive trial against The Sun.

Surya’s lawyer, Sasha Wass, asked Baruch to take a picture of Heard’s alleged injury on May 21 and to see if he noticed signs of injury on his right cheek on May 22. “Didn’t answer,” he replied.

Amber Heard arrives in court in London today. AAP / Frank Augustine

Was also read a text exchange between British presenter Amanda de Cadnet and Heard.

“The word sleep seems to be the best thing – put some arnica in your mouth, make sure you have pictures of the injuries and please send them to me or Rocky,” Cadnett wrote.

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” star said in the stand last week that her “social-medical” ex was violent in their marriage – and denied ever having a hand in it.

The Golden Globe winner is also suing the United States for 50 million for defamation in a Washington Post article on domestic violence. The case is set to be heard next year.

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