Dell’s initial nails failed with alienware space – 51m

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Dell unveiled a tremendous amount of chatbaj today at the unveiling of the second-generation Eleanor Area-11m – and announced that the first-generation “upgradeable” laptop would not actually be the most upgradable company. GPU supports upgrades. “

First, an update: the original Alienware Area-51m was an alternative desktop laptop with a CPU socket that could replace other chipsets, and at least in theory had the ability to upgrade to different graphics cards in the future. A spokesman for Alienware claimed last year that Dell was committed to providing upgrades to the platform, but it appears Dell was only intended to improve the product family. In other words, if you have 1660, you can switch to RTX 2080 to make any graphics card better than what you wouldn’t be able to.

It was always a * literal * problem

The reason laptop graphics cards are not upgradeable has nothing to do with AMD, Nvidia, or PCI standards. The reason the laptop’s GPUs can’t be upgraded is because no OEM has realized at the moment that it would be profitable to create and support a platform for multiple generations of products. Laptop GPUs must be built based on tolerances of very strict size, which is why there is no single common standard. What Dell effectively promised last year was to create one, especially for the 51-meter alienware range of products. When it comes time to create a typical laptop GPU standard, Dell Mobile will allow the replacement of the Dell RT2080 (or yours) with the RTX 3080 or 4080 because all of these cards will use the same Dell design factor.

Dell will design mobile graphics GPUs for various XPS and Alienware laptops no matter what. Whether or not the company is ready to create a dedicated GPU. It is a question of whether Dell is committed to building compatible GPUs over time to provide the market with a path to a real upgrade. The answer? Even after customers promised an “upgradeable” GPU, it wasn’t.

I refuse to let Dell go any further. The company said it would offer further upgrades and it was well known that “upgrade” usually meant “inserting parts after the date of purchase of the laptop”, “not alternative devices I could buy at the time, but” no. It’s a computer. Which was sold specifically with the promise of providing a platform suitable for direct and future devices.

“Players made it clear that they lacked the ability to upgrade CPU and GPU on gaming laptops. We have decided that the best way to deal with this problem is to launch an upgradeable laptop at a great price premium, then no actual upgrade will be provided for it. “Extremetech alternate address image from Dell

The announcement that Intel has somehow “upgraded” the 51-meter area using standardized motherboards now seems like a terrible move for an organization not intended to deliver on what it once promised. It has always been clear that Dealer’s ability to deliver upgradeable CPUs will depend on whether Intel has released 10th-generation chips on existing motherboard platforms or whether new motherboards are needed. On the other hand, the question of GPU upgrade always depends on what Dell was ready to make available. Region-11m still claims that the product provides “CPU and GPU upgrade capabilities”. It ignores the recall that you literally paid for a feature that Dell hadn’t bothered to support a whole generation of customers before.

No – Alien Wafer doesn’t cut it. First, the Alienware Area-51m is not advertised as offering an upgradeable AGA GPU; Advertised as an upgradeable GPU offer. Second, AGA has upgraded to 20 220 This isn’t an exorbitant price, but we’re already talking about premium customers for any advertised laptop, including CPU and GPU upgrades.

Dell now launches the second generation of the Area-51m. I would discuss it in detail here and if I had the slightest intention of recommending a company here that would pay its clients that way.

I don’t really care if the R2 actually gets the hardware upgrades. Care Every customer who buys the Alienware Area-11m probably bought it and expects the GPU to be upgraded rather than the CPU. The complete fairness of buying the Area-51m (unlike any of the other laptops from Alienware) was likely to be upgraded. True, Dell never specifically promised that it would upgrade the GPU for the Alienware-11m region. He simply declared the laptop’s GPU to be “upgradable” while hiding the fact that no enthusiast would ever use the definition of “upgradable”. This is a difference without significant difference in my case.

Last year, when the company promised to start shipping RTX 2060 and 2070 units, I was ready to raise the benefit of the doubt. As I wrote: “The reverse of all this is that if you already own RTX 2060 or 2070 but have failed to pay 11 1140 for RTX 2080 Frank to be honest, it would be nice to pay a lot to upgrade from RTX 1660 nice RTX 2080 But But the first run to upgrade GPU for devices in this group has always been a weak upgrade level. What’s more, Dell is the first software. Ratite is going to continue to try. “

As is now clear, I specifically reject my previous optimistic direction. CPU upgrades are almost irrelevant to games. What matters is GPU upgrades.

Last year DGFF – Dell Graphics was supposed to launch the form factor. After today, the company may change the shortcut. I humbly suggest a Dell Gaming-Full Upgradable Upgrade, shorthand “DG-FU” which could be a better name instead. At the very least, it appears that it has taken the company’s actual position per gaming audience.

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