Defender akes demanding a very honest Parkhead exit

It came out of the blue because many believed Jojo Simunovic was locked out for another year but in reality he had a Celtic contract and the club had a one-year extension which they chose not to want.

The Croatians were told he would leave the club and his five-year run came to an abrupt end.

With the shutdown of football ahead of the premature period of the season, JoJo didn’t even leave a message from Celtic fans.

Injuries were a big part of the center-back’s stay but he had a few top highlights and played a part in the success of fragmented clubs.

Speaking to Sunsport over the weekend, the former Celtic defender arrived to say that he had caught the news himself and hinted at going to the club, suggesting that the club had discovered itself due to the epidemic due to the current financial climate.

“I’m a bit weird since I’ve been at Celtic for five years and have been a good part of the success. I wanted to stay one more year at a minimum, since we have a good chance of doing something historical.

“Winning ten in a row will be a great achievement and I will remember it for the rest of my life. Am I surprised? I need to look at the whole situation in football right now and not everything is great with epidemics.

“It simply came to our notice then. They see everything as business. What can I do? Of course I can say that I am upset and sorry that next season I don’t have the cell but I can’t change it. It’s a club decision and I need to respect that.

“It will not hurt the way I look back at my Celtic career. I am still very happy and proud. I’ve been a big, big part of Celtic and have had success there over the last five years.

“I also think of the last boy and the boys who left the summer before the summer. We’ve all run nine consecutive runs at Celtic and that will never change.

“I can’t look back with bitterness because I had the opportunity to stay at a great club for five years had I played every game I played for Celtic and I have to thank my teammates, my coaches and especially the fans for their support. “

JoJo looks good looking at the positive aspects of his Celtic run. The defender has been around for so long, many forget that he is only 25 years old and still has a lot left of his career.

We wish Defender all the best for the future. In his time, many people will be standing in the moment of sending Kenny Miller into orbit.

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