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Death Stranding is an extremely dense game, and it is now available on PC. Even if you play the original release of this stellar game on the PS4, there’s a lot you probably don’t know. In 50+ hours of play, we’ve published whole guides and articles about all the weird stuff that Death Stranding doesn’t really explain, and in the first recollection of this wonderful multi-platform, every guide here is easily collected together in Browse Location.

So what is Death Stranding? It’s a survival and traversal game, where crossing a lot of land isn’t exactly easy and where the logistics to carry a perfectly grooved back on your back becomes integral. There are enemies to fight, monsters to avoid, and terrorists to stop – but most of your gameplay is about solving environmental puzzles. Can I cross this ragging stream safely? Can I climb this rocky mountain without losing all my belongings?

It’s a bit interesting to hear. Scroll down to search the guides we’ve written – for all Death Stranding.

General Guides
Unlockable guides
Advanced PCC Project Guides
War and Resource Source Guide
Story Search and Easter Egg Guide

Here is what we wrote in November, 2019 – Did we miss something? Contact us and we will provide more Death Stranding Knowledge for new PC players.

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