‘Dear White People’ Parody Kringzi ‘I Take Responsibility’ PSA

A star-studded PSA for the “I Take Responsibility” campaign – featuring the dominant voice of the white community [taking] The responsibility to change the tide of racism in America ”- now the white cast members of the popular Netflix series are parody by“ Dear White People ”.

The campaign was immediately criticized for its overly dramatic distribution and for making celebrities create this “about themselves” cast, including “Pattern White People” cast members John Patrick Amedori, Bat Nash, Caitlin Carver, Erich Lane, and Sheridan Pierke in his own film. The version show will play as deaf-mute characters, focusing on both subtle and overrated racism experienced on college campuses.

“White students at Winchester also want to take responsibility. We tried to stop them. # Dear people, read the caption of the clip.

In the background the actors played awesome piano music mocking the real PSA involved, including Sarah Paulson, Aaron Paul and Kesha, and went on to express exaggerated facial expressions while holding their hearts.

“I’m responsible for being white and beautiful and desirable to men of all colors,” says Curvey, who starred in Maffee Total. “Not to post Black Square soon, but to leave it too long.”

Nash explained as Kurt Fletcher, “I take responsibility for making people happy now that they’re PCs.”

Channeling her inner Karen, Pierce, who plays Abigail, added, “I’m taking responsibility for telling a lot of directors to watch …”

The original clip was compared to Gal Gadot’s “fantasy” fullness during the coronavirus outbreak, which gave rise to outrage.


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