Deadly Promotion 2: Pre-Order Guide A Blessing in Disguise Everything You Should Know

In the deadly promotion, the players take on the role of FBI Special Agent, Francis York, who is sent to a small town in hopes of solving a serial murder case. However, as Special Agent enters the city of York, he discovers some supernatural elements that are still in his most bizarre case. Known as Deadly Promotion 2: In a Blessing In Disguise, players will once again be thrown into the shoes of Francis York, who will once again be taken to a small town that features an unusual murder case. Set in Le Cray, the players will talk to the cast of characters living in the area and hopefully resolve the murder case with his friend Zach. A little detail about the game has been revealed and what the footage reveals seems quite cryptic like the first installment.

Deadly Promotion 2: A blessing in disguise

  • Developer: Toyboy Inc.
  • Publisher: Rising Star Games
  • Platform: NS
  • Published: July 10, 2020

Deadly Promotion 2: Blessings in the disguise of the standard version

Standard version includes pre-order.

Standard Edition Pre-Order 49.99 | Click here

The source of deadly promotions

While there is no specific collector’s version of the upcoming sequel to Deadly Promotions, a collector’s version is available for deadly promotion sources. This is a remastered version of the first installment that you never play the original game and want the whole experience after the sequel hits if it goes well.

Collector’s Edition includes …

  • Game
  • 6x metal badge
  • Collector’s case
  • 2x postcard

Collector’s Edition. 42.90 | Click here

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