Dead cell sales sell three million copies, new update on PC now, ‘next few weeks’ consolation

The developers Motion Twin and Evil Empire announced that Dead Cells has sold three million copies.

A press release posted on GametSu announced that the title of popular rogue platform Dead Cells is doing very well in terms of sales and has sold 3 million copies. This comes as a big achievement as the game is considered a small, indie title but due to the outstanding reviews and positive word of mouth, the game has started to build a niche fan base.

In addition, the developers have announced that a new update called ‘Plenty of Updates’ is now on the PC platform. Console players can expect the new update to arrive in the “next few weeks”, which is interesting to hear. A new Vlog-style video has been released to give developers some insight into what to expect when it comes to new updates. Check it out below:

Dead Cells ‘Lots of Updates’ is now over on PC, the console will receive the update in the next few weeks. Until the end, to see the full patch notes for new updates, check it out directly on the official Dead Cell Cell website.

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Source: Gametsu

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