/db8151dd – 22 million confidential information breaches

db8151dd – 22 million confidential information breaches

It records 22M people with address, phone number and social media link. The source of the information is a mystery.

Including my details I received an email alert from today’s HabibinPodNed.com website. The open information seems to be extensive.

Email address, location, name, phone number, physical address, social media profile

However, Troy Hunt, who runs the site, said he could not identify the source of the information.

I came back to write this blog post because many questions will not be answered and we need to answer that question. This is my – data breach in millions of records, including mine. Here is what I know:

At the end of February, Dehshed got me through a huge amount of information that had been abandoned by any cloud provider through publicly accessible elastics. It has 103,150,616 rows (…)

This is why my name has given me a unique identifier on the international line after featuring db8151dd in this first line. I had to name it, because obviously, I don’t know where it came from and I’ve worked with someone else (7).

This is data that can often flow from public sources even if there are some key differences. First, my phone number was not usually disclosed and it was complete. Yes, there are many places (of course) but this is not from a public link page. Then, if the source of the data could be understood by the association, my record was next to someone I had already noticed. I find it very unusual that I don’t see the hope of a strong relationship with anyone and with other people. But it’s the next data piece that makes it particularly interesting.

Attractive ‘data seems to come from customer relationship management (CRM) systems:

By Andy (new name changed). On May 20, 2007, Devon (pseudonym changed) became Carpenter Coach Devon to replace the bathroom vanity.

The best guess is the type of information gathered from different sources, but Hunt or other information security experts haven’t tried for three months, and none of them have been identified, and the details of the privacy breach remain confidential.

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