David O. Morrell Jr. Fox Quick Finish Score in PBC Fight Night

Interim WBA Super Middleweight Champion David O. defeated Mike Gavronski (2-4-4-1, 1K KO) in three rounds on Saturday night in the main event of the Fox PBC Fight. Morrell Jr. (4-0, 3K) had a great win. Night and Fox Deports from the Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall in Light Angels.

The former Cuban amateur star, Morelle from the south, now a resident of Minneapolis, ran a quick, accurate and powerful combination from one round and almost immediately stunned around the Gavronsky ring from Bellevue in Washington. In a terrific combination of shorts at the end of the first round, Morrell finally knocked down the startled Gavronsky for nine counts.

The relentless attack continued in two and three rounds, as Morrell provided an array of power shots. After the final clean-up sent Upperkart Gavronski’s head off, referee Jack Reyes saw enough and rocked it at 2:45 in three rounds.

In about eight minutes of activity, Morrell threw 208 punches and landed at 102, according to Compubbox.

In the 10-round middleweight co-main event, Los Mochis, Mexico’s tough punching Juan Macias Montil (25-4-2, 22k) quickly stopped Texas knockout artist James Kirkland (34-3, 30k), who was knocked out three times. Ended the fight with just 1:56 in the first round.

Within the first 30 seconds, Montel sent Kirkland to the temple with a left hook and soon lowered him again in a series of large-handed and left-handed overs. The steadfast-looking Kirkland rose for the second time to continue the fight, but was sent back to the canvas for the third and final time from the strong barrage that ended with Montel’s right hand. Referee Jerry Cantu ended the fight and rewarded Montel with upset.

Undefeated rising star Jesus Ramos 14-0 (13k) continues to impress Philadelphia veteran Na M Nelson (14-5, 1k) in their super lightweight competition by destroying four-rounds.

Ramos, a right-hander with a heavy hand at the Casa Grande in Arizona, took two rounds to take the shape of Nelson before proceeding with the killing. The 19-year-old Slager’s investment in physical work allowed him to set up a tough overhand that put Nelson down three points late.

In the fourth round, more of Ramos’ bodybuilding, mixed with a shot throwing into the head, took the rest of the fight outside of Nanson as it landed on the canvas. With very little chance of turning things around, Nelson’s corner signaled to referee Ray Corona that their man was finished at the end of the round. The official verdict was knocked out at the end of the fourth round.

In a great vs. Wet Showdown in Tuscaloosa, Alabama’s Travan Lawson (4-0, 3K) surprised 18-year-old Angel “AK-44” Variants (4-1, 3K) in the fourth round.

Rotating around the ring and firing hard punches from a distance, the Variantes controlled most of the first three rounds from Las Vegas to Honolulu. In the fourth round, however, 31-year-old Lawson came out swinging in favor of the fence and violently knocked the head of the right-handed Barriers back in a surprise series, sending him back to the canvas. Barrientes got on his feet and instructed that he wanted to continue, but referee Eddie Hernandez Sr. spread the fight: 55 in the fourth.

Earlier in the Fox PBC Fight Night, FS1 PBC Fight Night Super Middleweight contestants made headlines that in Forrestville, Maryland’s Allentz Fox (22-22-21, 12K) made a 10-round unanimous decision with Marcos “Madman” Hernandez. Fresno, California 14-4-1, 3K). The competitive fight ended with scores of 96-94, 97-93 and 98-92 for Fox.

Further steps in the FS1 include 16-year-old super bantamweight prospect Chavez “The Beast” variants (5-0, 4k) in Las Vegas via Honolulu after South Carolina’s Paul Carroll lost a third-round knockout in Colombia. 4-2, 4K). The Barrios sent Carroll down in the third with the right big hand and then batted him around the ring for the rest of the round. With referee Eddie Hernandez Sr.’s cautionary instruction, Carroll’s corner kick was selected to stop the fight.

Undefeated welterweight Radzab Butayev (13-0, 10k) returned to action with a terrific third-round body-shot knockout by Terry Chatwood (9-1-1, 5k). After two competitive rounds, Indore Butayev of California, through Dagestan in the Russian Republic, stepped up to third place and saw instant results. Chatwood, a resident of Littlelock, Arkansas, was visibly injured in a perfectly deformed liver shot and made no attempt to recover. Referee Jerry Cantu reached 10 counts at 1:01.

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