Daughter who lost her father: She ‘didn’t panic … she died’

Hours after President Donald Trump revealed that he was deliberately misleading the American people about the cornovirus epidemic that claimed the lives of nearly 200,000 people across the country, the president explained his actions by saying he “did not want to intimidate people.”

The daughter of a Trump supporter who died from Covid-19 told reporters Thursday morning that her father was more scared than dead.

“Of course, my dad didn’t panic, but instead he died,” said Christine Urquiza, founder of Markad by Seaweed, a group founded in honor of his father, Mark Anthony Urquiza, who died of a coronavirus in the novel. “These are serious steps that have resulted in inevitable, preventable deaths, and I was a little scared of the way I treated a father who was headed for his death.”

Urkiza’s remarks to reporters at a rally hosted by former Vice President Joe Biden, the latest response was that Trump secretly admitted in early February that the epidemic was deadly, more contagious and posed a greater threat to the American people than anyone knew – but He has actively removed the threat.

“I’ve always wanted to play it,” Trump told journalist Bob Woodward in a March 19 taped conversation. I still like to play it, because I don’t want to panic. “

“It goes through the air,” Trump said during the conversation. “It’s always harder than touching. You don’t have to touch things. Right? But the wind, you just breathed air and cut like that. And so it’s a very tactical one. It’s a very subtle one. It’s worse than your hard flush.”

News that Trump was aware of the dangers of the coronavirus epidemic at the same time he publicly stressed that the virus was “under control” and that the number of cases in the United States would be “close to zero” in a few days. Concerns were expressed by the Trump administration to try to explain, and sometimes inconsistently.

White House Press Secretary Calehi McKenney told reporters Wednesday that the president had “never defeated the virus,” although the president admitted to doing so after the audiotape was released, and Fox News later in the evening said he hid the truth from the American people. Their own good.

Trump told Sean Hanti, “I’m the leader of the country. I’m not afraid to jump on people.” “I don’t want to scare people, I don’t want people to panic, and that’s what I did. “

This explanation, Urkija told reporters, was cool comfort.

“President Trump told us on tape that he plans to reduce the virus,” Orkiza said. “His words are important, and as I said at the Democratic National Convention last month, my father’s only precondition was to trust Donald Trump, and that’s why he gave his life. The betrayal of my father and our country is now more obvious. The President’s lies are undeniable and unforgivable. “

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH), who was also on the call, told reporters that Trump’s decision to lie about the epidemic threat was “Donald Trump’s definition of a short man.”

“He sold these lies to the American public, then he betrayed them,” Brown said. “He was warned about the virus, and he did nothing wrong.”

Bill Rousseau, a spokesman for the Biden campaign, pointed to the timing of the president’s planned rally – he held five of his most famous rallies after proving how big a threat the virus posed to Woodward – as proof that “President Trump hid the best public health guidelines from the American people.” “

Rousseau said, “We all know how deadly COVID-19 was, but he never made a plan of action and instead waved the white flag of surrender.” “He did five mega-rallies … even though he himself knew the danger to the public.”

But if Trump’s final interview with Woodward in July hints at anything, the ultimate responsibility for responding to the epidemic has never been that way.

“The virus has nothing to do with me,” Trump said in that interview. “It’s not my fault. It’s – China cuts the curse virus.


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