/Darcy Silva scolded the Dream Board on Instagram

Darcy Silva scolded the Dream Board on Instagram

Darcy Silva shared the board of her dreams on Instagram and 90-day fiance fans weren’t impressed. Peak Credit: TLC

Darcy Silva took TLC reality television by storm. Fans first met Darcy in Season 1 of the first spin-off 90-day engagement: 90 days ago.

Since then, Darcy has appeared in several more seasons of the franchise with former partners Jesse Mister and Tom Brooks.

Darcy came out right with her spinf in a series called Darcy & Stacey with her twin sister Stacey Silva. The show follows the twins in their various endeavors, including Darcy’s search for love.

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In the end, Darcy finds her prince attractive to her fianc Georgi Rusev.

With her years of reality television experience, Darcy has created an impressive following on social media, including 1.1 million followers on Instagram.

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Recently, Darcy shared her dream board on Instagram. A dream board is used to make your dream come true. However, the fans felt overwhelmed by Darcy’s choice and they let him know.

Fans were not impressed by Darcy’s dream board

Darcy’s dream board, which represents his best dream of all time, features a collage of only four images.

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The photos include a giant, pear-shaped diamond ring, a huge house with a pool, a collection of destination wedding inspiration wedding photos and a selfie of Darcy with her face obscure but she has a good glimpse of bright blonde hair and parting.

Fans of the 90-day betrothal weren’t impressed by Darcy’s choice and they let him know in the comments.

Fans call Darcy to be shallow.

“All materialistic and plastic. Go spend time with your kids! “One follower said.

Another follower wrote, “You’re materialistic and that’s true. You have no personality.”

The general sensibility was that Darcy’s board lacked what deep fans were looking for and some believed it was also a sign of self-esteem.

“His self-esteem (sic) leads to hysterical behavior which is extremely worrying and dangerous,” reads a comment.

Fans questioned why Darcy’s girls were not included on the board of her dreams

As much as fans thought Darcy missed the mark with her dream board, others questioned why she didn’t include her daughters, Aniko and Aspen, on her dream board.

One follower commented, “With so many followers you can use your social media platform for the good of the world. Instead it’s all about physical presence and the need for a person. Set a good example for your daughters. “

Another asked, “Aren’t your daughters part of your dream?”

Darcy did not respond to any negative comments in her post.

The 90-day engagement is broadcast on TLC on Sunday at 8 / 7c.

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