/Daniel Bryan proposed developmental change, Layla

Daniel Bryan proposed developmental change, Layla

A developmental change is needed and Daniel Bryan has no problem speaking his mind. Also, retired superstar Layla was asked if she would return to the WWE.

Daniel Bryan has proposed developmental change

Almost all wrestlers go through evolution before reaching the stage of TV on RAW or SmackDown. Of course, already established names are sent directly to the original roster.

WWE currently has the Performance Center, which is now run by the Capital Wrestling Center. The building is used for talent recovery form hit or for those who are learning the basics.

The problem is at least Daniel Bryan needs to have one more development system in the WWE. The NXT is out of the equation with its own brand up there with Raw and SmackDown.

Daniel Bryan joined the conversation while talking to Michael Morales Torres of Lucha Libre Online. Basically, he believes that the NXT is no longer for developmental wrestlers and that the WWE needs a new addition.

“I certainly don’t think the NXT will be considered a development zone anymore,” Brian said. “Which leaves the question, do we have development zones?”

“Because if NXT is not our development then we need someone to develop the talent which these guys are great and I consider NXT as the third brand of our organization. “

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NXT only broadcasts two hours a week with ads, they can only show so much talent. Another problem is that the yellow and black brands are already filled with preparations for RAW or SmackDown.

At least, someone noticed that there was a problem and he was talking. Brian has never been afraid to give his opinion and it is usually spot-on.

Therefore, his response has helped some superstars on SmackDown move forward even better.

Laila – WWE Returns?

Laila went from dancing on WWE TV to Divas and the female champion as well as part of the popular Leikul. At the time, the women were not getting proper attention.

Yet Layla went ahead and became a more fun character to watch every week. Eventually, he may begin to appear less in favor of the WWE.

He used to come back as Fandango’s dance partner. This resulted in a brief dispute and alliance with Summer Roy

Looking back on her time at WWE, Laila is happy with what she has done. He mentioned with Ring the Bella how his body could no longer take injuries.

“I think I had a great career and had a lot of opportunities,” Laila said. “I searched for everything I could find in the WWE. What else could I possibly do? ”

“I was able to get around great people and I could travel the world. I was able to get a great fan base on my back. And it was just the right time. I didn’t want to age too much on TV. The older we get, the greater the risk of injury. It was time.

I stopped watching WWU after @Tristratascom and @Amidumas left but started to see Lekul as @McisulMischel @ @Massel and revived my belief in women’s wrestling. Surprise moment! Ya Laila Love Love https://t.co/2au24UBxd6 Love

– Aldon Eastwood (@walden_e) January 24, 2021

After an unknown operation in January 2015, Layla retired that summer after just one return match. Now, he works in real estate.