Daniel Bernstein received the Cavid-19 in response to Hampton

Fashion influencer Daniel Bernstein has tested positive for COVID-19 – after his followers accused him of spending the summer in Halampon.

Bernstein, who is behind the popular account Weaverwat, shared his findings with his followers on Saturday and said he had set her apart in a New York City apartment.

He said in an Instagram story, “I can let everyone know how many building protocols I needed here and have been following them.”

He did not say how he contracted the virus, but said he had a reaction earlier this summer.

His escapes inspired an anonymous Instagram account to “complete disregard for the global epidemic.”

“Well, I can’t say I was surprised that Daniel Covid did,” @wontonttakecovidseriously wrote on his page, sharing Bernstein’s videos of him going out to parties and restaurants.

Others on social media also accused the influential of not taking adequate care throughout the epidemic.

One Twitter user wrote: “In Hitman we’ve separated all the summer maskless parts and now he’s stupid.

Bernstein defended himself against criticism in his Instagram stories, saying he followed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, wore a mask when needed, and “lived the NY four-way reopening.”

“Small groups, eating out, it’s all allowed now. We have guidelines to help, but they’re clearly not bullet proof,” he wrote.

He continued, “Of course I could have been more careful and still got it … the virus is still very much here and I will take it more seriously.”

Bernstein’s representative did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The bound influential was sharply condemned on social media earlier this summer when he was accused of stealing a mask design from a small business by Second Wind – which he has vehemently denied.


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