‘Danger!’: Alex Trabek talks about politics, swearing and cancer

Alex Trebach is “Danger!” But in his recent memoir, “The answer is … a reflection of my life,” the 60-year-old host has gone far beyond the quiz show to fans in his personal life – including his political views, why he swears and how he has cancer. Diagnosis management.

New “Danger!” Up front. For the season starting September 14th, here are 12 anecdotes from the book of Trabak.

He was dropped from military school

Trabec has become relatively poor. His father, a Ukrainian immigrant, was a chef at a hotel in the mining town of Sudbury, Ontario. After high school, Trekob applied for a military program that paid for his college. He was accepted and sent to the Royal Canadian Air Force Military Academy College in Quebec.

He lasted three days.

After being wounded by senior cadets for two days, the final straw came when they were about to cut Trek’s hair – “My hair was fine,” Trekbob wrote.

After being tricked by an officer – “If you don’t have the courage to stop it, you are not the kind of man you want in our army” – Trebak called his father and told him he was coming home.

At the train station, Trek’s father hugged him.

“Don’t worry Sonny,” Trabek recalls her father. “Everything will be fine.”

His favorite movie is …

Trabec loves movies about father-son relationships, which is why “How Green is My Valley” is his favorite film. The 1941 movie reminded him of his own father.

“He is not an educated man. He was not particularly brilliant. He just had all the heart. He did not understand the subtleties of caring. He just took his love for me, “Treback wrote. “No matter what I did, I never gave up.”

This is the file show of Alex Trabek, the host of the song at the October 22, 200 New, New York 17th Annual Broadcast and Cable Hall of Fame Awards dinner. In his most recent memoir, the Trouble Quiz show “Danger!” Exceeded! To bring fans into his personal life.

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Graduation advice

After leaving military school, Trabak returned to his high school for 13th grade – a transition year like his first year of college.

Growing up, Trabec was a good student, but he was primarily known for class deficiencies. One teacher, however, acknowledged his potential. At graduation, the teacher told Trek: “Alex, you have had a good year. Please forgive me. Never lose the love of your life.”

Those words have stuck with Trekk ever since.

He is never late

In eighth grade, Trabec got a job as a bellhopper at the hotel where his father worked. Before her first day, she went on a school-of-school year trip with her class. He was so tired that he woke up at 11 the next morning – three hours after his shift started.

That day, he promised never to be late again.

“If I need to be 10 minutes early from not being there, I consider myself late,” he wrote. “It’s a sign of respect for work – you want to do it well and never miss an opportunity.”

He swears

“Danger!” You can never guess from his presence! But Trebak swears – and quite a bit. And, as he explains in his book, it is purposeful.

Entering the world of broadcasting, Trekob did not take drugs or use drugs. “Danger!” The host said it made it difficult for them to leave their guard, fearing they would be judged.

He wrote, “I needed a vice. “And so I decided to add more salt to my language. … But it didn’t help me to be one of the boys. It just makes me look like a jerk. My bad. ”

Trebach added that he did not swear as he does now in the days before.

Alex Treback’s syndicated game show “Danger!” Host! In his recent memoirs he went much further than the quiz show to bring Trabuck fans into his personal life.

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“Danger!” Mostly clear about politics – Trebak says he’s a Democrat and will get fan mail from Republicans thinking the opposite.

The trackback is actually marked as an individual.

“I voted for the person who I think was the most suited modern politics to deal with the problems of the time that pitted us against each other,” he wrote. “It forces us to choose one side and tells us that our side is right and the other side is wrong… there is no room for compromise. It’s unfortunate. Because most of the success in the world is not created by certain people. ”

The helper of his soul

Trekk considers his second wife, Jin, to be his cousin (he has had good relations with his first wife and his honest son since that marriage). The couple married in 1990 and have two children. There is a twenty-four-year age difference between them and how Trebok told his in-laws after their engagement to him: “I don’t think I’ll call you” son. “”

“It happened with Jean.” I wasn’t looking for love, “Trebach writes.” But with Jean, I got recognition at the gut level that there was a person here who was going to complete me as a human being. ”

A hairpiece

Trebok’s chemotherapy treatment has damaged the hair. But “Danger!” The host was already wearing a haircut before being diagnosed with cancer in 2019.

She started wearing a hairstyle in early 2018, after nodding and reading in her bathroom. Trekke had to undergo surgery to clot blood from his brain – which left a row of stitches on either side of his scalp.

Based on the feedback from his staff, he decided it was best to cover.

“In my case the hair sheets make me look better than my real hair look” “I probably should have started wearing it a long time ago.”

Diagnosis of cancer

Since her cancer diagnosis in March 2019, Trekob has often been “Danger!” Contestant Cindy Stowell, who contracted four colon cancers on stage during a six-game show in 201, died just a week before her games were aired – before the show sent her a DVD so she could watch ‘herself’.

“I appreciate how he doesn’t want to say anything big about his illness,” Treback wrote. “And how he didn’t let it stop him from achieving his dream.”

Treback said he sometimes regrets going public with his diagnosis because he thinks people are now looking to him for reassurance and strength and he doesn’t want to disappoint them.

“The longer I live with cancer, the more my definition of perseverance changes,” he wrote. “I thought not being able to cry meant you were tough. Now I think crying means you are harsh. It means you are strong enough to be honest and weak, it means you are not pretending. ”

Television personality Alex Trabec arrives at the 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday, June 19, 2011. In his most recent memoir, the track “Danger!” Exceeded! To bring fans into his personal life.

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He is optimistic

Trebak says he has a “desire to survive,” although there are days when the pain and frustration become so weak that his optimism disappears. He doesn’t like to use the words “fight” and “fight” when he has cancer, because it means there are winners and losers.

“You get treatment and you get better. Or you don’t. And no results indicate your strength as a person,” he wrote. “Yet I believe in the desire to survive. I believe in positivity. I believe in optimism. I believe in hope and I certainly believe in the power of prayer. ”

Trekke added, “Danger!” Encourages him. Someday, he’s struggling to turn it into a production meeting, or he’ll fall into excruciating pain in the middle of tapping into episodes. But the moment he’s out on the set, he thinks to himself.

He thinks about retiring

Trebak “Danger!” However, he will leave the show if he can no longer successfully host. The 60-year-old, who is undergoing cancer treatment, said the job could be claimed physically and mentally. Clues are not easy to read and hard to concentrate on for a long time

“You may have slip-ups in casual conversations with those friends. But as the host of ‘Danger!’ You can’t escape with it Whenever it arrives, I’ll leave ”and‘ Danger! ’Will be fine. Who the host is is not considered. I think ‘Danger!’ Can go on forever.

I’m not afraid to die as part of the melody they won’t go to my funeral saying, ‘He was taken from us very soon.’… I have lived a good, full life. – Alex Treback

Trebach further said that he is recovering from his illness and is grateful for the life he has led.

“I’m not afraid to die,” he wrote. “One of the things they’re not going to say at my funeral as part of the melody is, ‘He was taken from us very soon.’ … I have lived a good, full life. ”

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