Cyrus claims and questions Anna Obretchat

Cyrus is not going to be happy with Jordan. Peak Credit: ABC

Spolars at General Hospital have promised plenty of drama in the rest of this week.

The rally seems to be on the horizon and residents of Port Charles are shouting to stop it. The fate of Ryan Chamberlain (John Lindrostom) must also be considered.

What’s in it for Wednesday’s General Hospital?

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Lying in disguise

Liezel Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) has been wandering around GH for a while and no one is watching. With the exception of Franco (Roger Howarth), Scott (Kin Schriner) and now Dante (Dominic Jumprogana), he doesn’t look out of place with his blonde wig and mask.

But on Wednesday, Anna Dewan (Finola Hughes) will stop him and it looks like he is a doctor.

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While Obrecht will do his best to hide his identity from Anna, Peter (Wes Ramsay) and Maxi (Kirsten Storms) will continue their wedding plans. Obrest is determined to bring Peter down, but Maxi’s pregnancy came as a complete surprise to him.

However, this does not mean that Obrecht will stop his plans. He is even more desperate to catch Maxi’s fiance

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Anna was on her way to find Dante and it looks like she will find him after all. In the General Hospital previews, Dante is chatting with someone, so perhaps Obrecht hasn’t been found yet.

More Ryan drama

As if Cyrus Renault (Jeff Cobar) wasn’t worried enough, Laura would get a call from Kyle (John Lindrostom) when he was with Charlize Pablo Nicholas (Marcus Coloma) and Ava (Mawra West). She says her husband wants all three of them to meet him at GH.

It simply means that Kevin’s wicked scheme has something to do with Ryan Chamberlain.

Previews show Kevin walking around in a hospital room with Brit Westbourne (Kelly Thiabed) standing behind him. He said it was out of their hands.

Saban had previously revealed that Ryan may not be as bad as he thinks he is, as everyone thinks it seems almost inevitable that he will somehow escape again and probably go after Ava and Nick.

“You’ll leave when I’m well and ready to let you go!” #GH

– General Hospital (@General Hospital) January 6, 2021

Jordan gives a ‘wrong answer’

Cyrus is having a pretty bad week and it is going to get worse for him if he becomes an opponent of Jordan (Brianna Nicole Henry).

Police Commissioner Cyrus continues to bid, but on Wednesday he will instruct him that there is nothing more to do for him. Cyrus doesn’t seem too happy with his answer.

Cyrus’ brother, Martin Gray (Michael E. Knight), continued his meeting with Valentin Casadine (James Patrick Stewart). But Valentine will be a little angry with his lawyer.

He will order Martin not to leave unless he tells him to. What is all this for?

See to find out.

The days of the General Hospital week are broadcast on ABC.

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