Cyberpunk 2077: Use this new craft method to earn endless ADs Quick cash guide

There is a new method for easy cash earning and for Cyberpunk 2077 for it is a natural extension of our previous farming. Instead of just cultivating endless cans from merchant machines around your apartment building, you can now use those simple elements to make a bigger profit through crafts.

You don’t need a lot of craftsman’s XP or estimates to make this method work, and you only need to avoid it once to earn ,000 500,000. When you earn so much cash, you have a pretty good stock in this game for a long time. The staff is expensive, and there’s plenty to buy, but a few quick sessions will cost you so much money that you’ll have no problem adding all the cars (or cyberware) you want.

(Caution: This method was previously corrupted and your saved file may be corrupted. Although this is not an exploit, saving files was a big problem. Make sure you have fully updated the version of the game before trying this method)

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How to earn 500k + in 30 minutes Cash Farming Guide

This technique is related to our previous method – it uses vending machines $ Buy 10 soda cans, Then delete these General And Unusual Material. Instead of selling the ingredients, we will use crafting to create Nekomata Rifles And sells in these Drop point seller.

  • Pre-requisites: Unlock Parks The former nihilo And Cost optimization – If you still can’t unlock these, start farming now and you’ll quickly build craftsmanship.

You don’t need to park rare items. To perform this procedure, it is best to build Extraordinary Nekomata rifles.

  • Step by step – crafting Nekomata rifles for cash
    • Purchase 30 cans of soda From each vending machine. Each can cost 10 AD. You can buy 7-8 Your apartment building or machine Wait 24 hours To refill the machines.
    • Break the cans to collect General And Immovable Material.
    • Use common and uncommon elements Craft Rifles. These are the most valuable items for handicrafts and sales – standing up to a drop-off seller before crafting.
    • Sell ​​Nekomata rifles for huge pay-outs. Each Nekomata sells almost 600. Eddie. These can only be made with unusual and common materials, they are the most efficient Sell ​​the rest of the common ingredients After crafting for more cash.

The goal is Collect the soda cans and set aside for 15-20 ~ minutesThen Craft and sell Nekomata rifles for 10 minutes. Divide your time and you will have plenty of conventional and uninterrupted components to make dozens of Nekomata rifles. The more crafts you do at once, the more profit you can sell.

If you divide your time this way, you can earn almost 500k Eddie Twice for one hour every 30 minutes, four times for twice. It’s not exactly stupid, but it’s very common. I recommend going for a 30 ~ minute cycle, then come back when you feel like making more cash.

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