Crystal Dynamics will break up players of different mission types; New co-op gameplay trailer has been released

Today seemed to be the best day for Marvel Avengers fans as developer Crystal Dynamics has released a lot of news about the upcoming title!

One of the latest news to come out of the War Table livestreamed event is the discussion of the different types of players in the mission as the Avengers. Crystal Dynamics notes that players will see War Tables scattered around the world, this is where players will take appropriate action and go on missions. We already know that Marvel’s Avengers will allow three more players to join, a total of four Avengers on one mission.

There are a variety of missions like missions, iconic missions, drop zones and much more. Thanks, the developers took the details of the mission type on the PlayStation blog.

Check out the co-opted word zones for Marvel Avengers, as well as the various missions players can expect to see in Marvel Avengers below:

Battle table

War zones are accessed through war tables, which are available on the outposts, quinjets and chimera helicopter bridges. The helicopter becomes your home base and can be repaired and upgraded over time. It has each superhero’s personal quarters, storage for your extra gear, to transform blueprints into new clothes or other cosmetics and much more!

Battle zone mission type

Our concept for war zones comes from the desire to mission across different regions, and war tables allow us to deal with global threats. These regions vary from vast cities to dense forests and barren swamps. These are also characterized by different times of day and weather, so missions in the same region will provide a lot of variety. Additionally, Marvel Avengers features a variety of mission types that offer different rewards!

Iconic missions

Although the hero missions are created campaigns, the protagonist focused missions, we also have War Zone missions composed as unique hero stories that develop the story of a particular Avenger and provide context on how the results from A-Day tackled. How does Tony feel about AIMK republishing his technology for his own? What are the implications of the Hulk being extended as a big green? The iconic dress and strong gear await the end of a series of iconic missions.

Factional missions

In addition to reuniting the Avengers, players will help rebuild their allies’ outposts. The Shield suffered extensive damage after the Avengers were disbanded, and resistance developed as a direct result of the increasingly authoritarian activities of the EIM worldwide. Players can take part in missions to supply these teams with Intel, supply and protect them from AIM attacks. Even the cool, helical members of this group become people who want to help fight AIM. The faction leaders will also give missions as part of the ongoing conflict in the post-propaganda world and give faction-specific rewards.

Drop zone

Drop zones are single objectives with short missions, such as defending allies or sabotaging an AIM structure.


Vaults are large absorbable space that takes some leg-work to unravel. To access a vault you must first find the coordinates from the hidden shield cache around the world. Once you find the entrance, you must enter inside and breach the vault before collecting the prizes.


HIV is the stronghold of AIMs around the world, the Avengers will have to fight a knot of defending the increasingly challenging AIM to uncover their position and disable them.

Villain Sector

Villain sector missions end with boss fights such as notable Marvel villains working in tandem with AIM or one of the organization’s most deadly structures.

In related news, Crystal Dynamics has released a ton of news for the upcoming superhero title, so if you missed out on the livestreamed event, I would suggest checking it out at Garenx here. We’ve got a brand new story trailer featuring the main villain of the upcoming game – Modok. We also got an 8 minute gameplay demo showing Thar in action. Check out Marvel Avengers news here!

Marvel’s Avengers will now be released on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Google Studia platforms on September 4, 2020. Are you excited for the upcoming game? Let us know in the comments below!

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