Crunchyroll and adult swimmer Shenmu Anime announced the series

Crunchiorol has announced at their Virtual Crunchioroll Expo that the critically acclaimed Japanese video game franchise – Shenmiu Crunchroll and Adult Swimming – will be transformed into an anime.

Yes, Shenmu is turning into an anime and it will be based on the Sega Dreamcast series. The anime will have 13 episodes and will be directed by Chikara Sakurai (Magimoji Rurumo, One-Punch Man Season 2) And Shenmiu Creator and Game Designer U Suzuki The project will serve as the executive producer.

This is the main information that was published for the upcoming Shenmu anime, but the blog post mentioned that the next details will be published later. This announcement is quite great, and seems to be showing a trend in the anime industry; One ton of video games is turning into anime series.

We have the critically acclaimed Netflix series Castavenia, the recently released Dragon Dogma, as well as the Devil May Cree anime in production. Now with the addition of Shenmu to the mix there will be more video game animes. This is definitely an exciting time for anime / video game fans.

Are you a fan of Shenmu suffrage? What do you expect to see from the upcoming anime series? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Crunchioral

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