Crisis has re-posted the need for a PC system

The Crisis video game franchise is an iconic one and was usually filled with the amount of PCs needed to run this game. A few years after its release, it looks like we are getting a chance to revive or enjoy this game for the first time. We often had the skill to enjoy the game, but after the initial gameplay trailer was leaked to the development studio’s motives, they got an initial look at the fan reception. Unfortunately, the fan reception was positive and Allows to work longer.

As a result, the game was put on hold by the developers and fans were left waiting. Critek has come up with a new update from today that showcases the systems needed to run Crisis Remaster. Now the franchise of this game was generally notorious for the need for a rather bee PC to run the title. After all, it was Crisis 2 which was launched with a bundle that actually brings graphics cards for players to enjoy this game. Even if it is reinstalled, this game will not require an intense set of elements to run. If you’re interested in picking this game at launch, check out the systems you need to run the title efficiently.

Crisis system requirements are minimal

  • CPU: I5-3450 / Raisin3
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • HDD: 20 GB
  • GPU: GTX 1050 TI / Radion 470

Crisis system requirements proposed

  • CPU: I5- Raisin5
  • RAM: 12 GB
  • HDD: 20 GB
  • GPU: 1660 TI / Radion Vega56

Requirements for this system were posted on the official Epic Games Store page. Meanwhile, the game will not be available for purchase until September 18, 2020. Are you able to run the game in the guise of your current PC gaming system?

Source: Epic Games Store

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