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If you’ve been a big fan of MMORPG, you’ve probably already heard of Ashes of Creation.

The game has been in the testing phase for some time because it works for the perfect things and some players have become part of it, yet many of us are waiting for the full version of what the world really needs to sink our teeth into the offer

Here is what we know so far about the Ashes of Creation.

When is the release date of Ashes of Creation?

Although we still don’t know the actual date we will see the full game, many gamers are already playing in the late 201s thanks to various tests conducted on different aspects of the game. The most recent was Alpha with another in May of this year planning 1 year later. Expect more details to be announced soon.

Can I get Ashes gradually on what platforms?

As things stand now, it’s just a game for Windows PCs and there are no plans yet to change it, the developers say they are open about the possibility of putting the game on consoles in the future. It only happens because it’s a Microsoft game, so look for it as an Xbox.

What is the Ashes of creation?

According to the official summary: The experience of the Ashes of Creation MMO is unique take the world structure dynamic and built to respond to the actions of players. Cities will rise and fall, their populations making players based on the history of the world. As this population gathers, searches will be unlocked as their needs increase and privacy is unlocked. As the world’s NPC structure is established in real-time, players will pave the way for new developments, new populations, and real change in what they have created. Political strife and conspiracy will play a very real role in shaping the world. Gone are the days of stagnant worlds, here for change.

The Ashes of Creation Gameplay

With MMORPG games, or fully multiplayer online role-playing games becoming more popular than ever before if you like the word, Ashes of Creation is looking at its counterparts as it builds its world, combining some of the best elements from other games and These all come together in one package.

A tempting prospect for fans of the genre, the Ashes of Creation will open up more and give players more new things as they move further into the game and the more they collect XP. There will be a node system to assist in progress and the more you play the map will get bigger and bigger. An ever-expanding game, expecting to lose many hours playing it.

Can I order the Ashes of Creation?

Not yet, but you can register your interest in becoming the Ashes of Creation tester for the next wave of the alpha test next year.

Is there a trailer for Ashes of Creation?

There are many, but one of the most recent trailers released here that showcases the world.

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