Craven Co. The school board will decide whether CCS can be combined with online and personal education

Craven County, NC. (WNCT) – We are at the end of the first nine weeks of the school year.

It is also time for many school districts to decide whether to start or expand private schooling.

At the moment, all students at Craven County School are using all distance learning.

But that could soon change if the school board decides that the district could go into a mix of online and private instruction.

The board will decide in a meeting on Thursday evening if students can return for personal instruction.

The proposed plan is for elementary students to go two days a week and middle and high school students to go once a week.

A survey conducted by the district says that 60 to 70 percent of parents, teachers and students want to study somewhat privately.

The county health director is planning for individual education.

“If we have directors they say they encourage it and they put their approval stamp on it, what puts them behind.” De Taylor said his daughter Grover attended C Fields Middle School. “What are they afraid of right now?”

Gayle Hardy, a teacher at New Burn High School, said he wanted to see his students, but understood the board’s hesitation.

“Just for the good of all, we can do better together,” he said. “We need to figure out how to do it safely and I think Craven County schools are working hard to do that.”

The board will hear public comments at Thursday’s meeting.

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