COVID-19 will be problematic for game development in 2021 X Xbox Head says:

Thanks to the great games released this year, there are plenty of shells here. We F Imagine Imagination 7 և Resident Evil 3 had the same rating of Doom Eternal Us the Last of Us. Games 2020 However, the global health epidemic has proven to be quite a big issue. He was very concerned about the release of certain games in the future and even the introduction of a comfortable platform.

Both Sony and Microsoft have previously announced that their next-generation video game consoles will hit the market this holiday season. The two still claim that whether their panels have been fixed is still a matter of some concern if some video games are brought back. It is not surprising that in reality large development studios were closed, forcing their employees to work away from home.

However, we see that these games are still coming to market on time, if not time, then a bit late. Now Xbox CEO Phil Spencer has come up with a new explanation that the virus epidemic in 2021 could have a greater impact on video game development in Business 2021, and not in the video games announced for this year.

According to Phil Spencer, most of the titles of these video games have evolved and are still hidden from the public. This will give developers some advantage, as their games have not yet been released and release dates can be adjusted instead of delayed. This is due to the fact that employees will not be able to work in their designated studios, which will allow them to complete these huge gaming projects soon.

Source: Business Insider

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