Cosplayer became my Hero Academy # 5 Hero Mirco

Cosplayer Lyra recently shared her cosplay in My Hero Academy’s # 5 hero Mirco.

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In early April, Lira was with him side by side drawing the character in her Mirco cosplay.

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He quoted Mirko as saying, “Those of you who are planning evil at the moment – ready to fly with me!” ⁣

Lira will follow this by sharing a video of her on her Mirco cosplay.

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He wrote, “I’m at MHA high. I’m listening directly to” Mite You. “

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Lyra added, “I was planning to do a few more cosplays from the show and hopefully be able to wear at least one of them this summer. Hopefully things will get brighter than that. “

Citing the character, he again shared another picture of himself in his Mirco cosplay, “I live every day of my life like there’s no tomorrow, so when I wake up I can check without grief.”

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Leira then added, “I’m late because my sleep schedule is off, so I decided to upload another image of my Miruko cosplate.”

Mirko, also known as Rumi Usagiyama, has quickly become a fan of manga among fans of Myra Academy, as he first appeared in manga chapter 184 and made his full anime debut in the 87th episode.

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As mentioned, he is the # 5 hero in the whole of Japan. His team is called rabbits and it tells him “what a rabbit can do but do even better!”

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His mind provides incredible strength to his feet, allowing him to jump great distances and physically punish his enemies. His rabbit ears also give him better hearing.

He has several super moves including Luna Ring, Luna Fall and Lune Teasers.

Luna Ring sees Mirko as her body quickly spins in a circle and uses her legs to attack any enemy within range.

Lun Fall sees him jumping behind his opponent and a fatal blow to the back of his skull.

Eventually, Luna Tejras will see her opponent gather the legs of her head. She then places her body in such a way that she stays behind her. He then uses incredible force on his feet to smash his enemy.

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Mirko is certainly bound to be considered and it is probably more than that that we will see him starring in My Hero Academy anime Se Tute.

What do you make of Lira’s Mirco cosplate?

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