Coronavirus vaccine “puts an end to the growing hope of monkeys in the lungs of an Oxford monkey” – Scottish Sun

Scientists working on a vaccine to fight the carnavirus improved when a version of Job “stopped the bug that infected the monkey’s lungs.”

The vaccine, developed by a team at Oxford University, showed reassuring signs that it had been tested in six Russian matches without any side effects.

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Scientists have made progress in vaccinating. Credit: Getty – Contributor

To test the vaccine, the animals received half the dose of the same treatment, which is currently being tested in human participants as well.

Studies have shown that some animals produce antibodies within two weeks.

The experiment also looked at rat reactions, and the researchers found that all animals developed bug resistance within 28 days of feeding.

There have been more than 33,000 deaths caused by coronavirus in Britain so far and its outbreak could bring scientists closer to finding an effective vaccine, but those who worked on the study emphasized that the results were probably not the same in humans.

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“No pneumonia”

The study has not yet been reviewed by other scientists.

It claims that a single dose can help prevent lung damage.

Scientists working on the study further claimed that they saw a “significantly reduced viral load” in the monkey system that was not in contact with the disease, compared to them. It further stated that “no pneumonia was present”.

When it had an effect on rats, it was said that no reduction in viral nasal discharge was observed.

Stephen Evans, a professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Medicine at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said the findings were “good news” and added that the most important issue was “sufficient combination of viral load and subsequent pneumonia, but no evidence of immunity. Functional disease”.



He added: “The latter is generally concerned with vaccines, such as the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and the SARS vaccine.

“This was a specific theoretical concern for a vaccine against Stork Cov-2 (Covid-19) and it is not very encouraging to find any evidence of this in this study.”

One concern is that vaccines can improve antibodies, says Dr Penny Warr, an visiting professor of pharmaceutical medicine at King’s College London.

This is when antibodies accelerate the entry of the virus into the immune cells.

He said it was one of the reasons why a vaccine against stork was missing.

“It is helpful to note that these monkeys have been vaccinated with the Stork CoV2 vaccine (CoVID-19) which has no advanced evidence of lung pathology and despite some evidence of upper respiratory tract infection of Stork COV 2 after the challenge of high viral load, monkeys There is no evidence of pneumonia in the vaccine.

“These results support ongoing clinical trials of the vaccine in people whose results are eagerly awaited.”


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Just last month the University of Oxford began human testing and used a common cold virus to stimulate the immune system.

Scientists at Imperial College London are also aiming to begin experiments on humans in June.

Both tests will show how the human body can fight the disease.

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