Coronavirus birth at Virginia’s Maruchan Ramen meat factory kills at least 7

Chesterfield County, Va .; – A coronavirus outbreak at the Maruchan Ramen Noodle factory in Virginia has injured several workers, local reports say.

About seven employees in Chesterfield County, Virginia, tested positive for Covid-19 and lived alone at home, Richmond-based WRIC-TV reported. A spokesman for Maruchan Virginia Inc., a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Toyo Susan Kaisha Ltd., told reporters that the factory was open without any complaints.

“Once diagnosed, we have cleared a lot of disease control and prevention centers, and will continue to improve safety and hygiene above the guidelines set by the CDC and the health department, and the plant is already working,” a Maruchana spokesman told WRIC-TV.

The agency added, “Maruchan will continue to work with all affected parties, including the CDC and other agencies, to protect our friends and the community and to protect and safeguard our products.”

The cases have been reported to the Chesterfield County Health Department, WRIC-TV reported. A Health Department spokesman did not immediately return a call for comment on Wednesday, May 13.

The factory, which was launched in the region in 1989, had about 420 employees since August 2018.

As of Wednesday morning, Virginia had confirmed more than 25,000 infections and 890 deaths, according to the report.

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