/Coronavirus: 221 news cases and 10 more deaths have been announced

Coronavirus: 221 news cases and 10 more deaths have been announced

In addition to 10,521 viral deaths, another 6,521 confirmed cases of coronavirus have been announced.

It put the death toll at 2,307 and the total number of cases at 127,657. The image acknowledges two previously announced deaths

There were a record 1,043 COID-19 patients at the Irish hospital this afternoon with 96 intensive care units.

The 14-day virus rate in Ireland now stands at 936.4 per 100,000 people.

The seven-day event is now 936.5 and the five-day moving average is 6,147

Of the cases announced this evening, 2,1744 spread to Dublin, 511 to Cork, 372 to Limerick, 342 to Waterford, 315 to Wexford and the rest to 2,7377 all other counties.

Announcing the figures this evening, Professor Philip Nolan, chairman of the COVID-19 modeling group, said Ireland was now suffering from “exceptionally high levels of disease” with all indicators of “unprecedented high levels”.

He said the number of virus reproductions is now between 2.4 and 3.

This means that, on average, each group of 100 people who are infected with the virus is going from 240 to 300 people.

The national 14-day rate of the virus in Ireland. Image: Department of Health

Monaghan still has the highest 14-day rate in the country at 1,819.4 per 100,000 people.

The other five counties are also enjoying 14-day rates above 1000 days – Laut, Limerick, Kavanagh, Donegal and Dublin.