Coronavirus: 10 more people have died in the Republic and there are 159 new cases

There have been 10 more coronavirus deaths in the Republic.

This means that a total of 1,997 people have died here since the outbreak of Kavid-19.

Meanwhile, 159 new cases have been confirmed, bringing the total number of cases in the country to 23,401.

Health Minister Simon Harris said tonight that the latest figures show that 19,470 people here have now recovered from Covid-19.

More than 84% of those who have been infected with the virus so far.

Meanwhile, Dr. Tony Holohan said today that 432 coronavirus clusters have been identified in residential homes – an increase from four compared to yesterday.

As many as 941 people have died since the KOID-11 deal in residential facilities, accounting for 633% of the total deaths.

Dr Holohan said, “I would urge everyone to get acquainted with the behaviors that we all need to maintain, including shortness of breath, physical distance and hand washing.

“As we begin to think about reducing restrictions, these behaviors will become more important.”

Officials have also released details on the underlying health issue registered in the Kovid-19 case tonight.

Of the 15,450 patients, 47% had no underlying disease registered, 24% had an underlying condition, 12% had two, 6% had three, and 3% had four or more.

Chronic heart disease accounts for 15% of all cases, 48.5% of ICU admissions, and 40% of deaths.

Diabetes accounted for 23% of incidence, 23.3% of ICU admissions and 13.3% of deaths.

Main image: Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tony Holohan. Photo by: Leah Ferrell / rollingnews.i

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