Coronation Street damaged next week Did Tim learn the truth about Jeff?

We’re back to Coronation Street Exterminators for another week and it looks like Jeff’s fate is finally over.

There is a big problem in the plot family.

Here’s your spoiler for Coronation Street Monday 7th and Friday 11th September 2020.

Is it time for Jeff?

While most Jeff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholomew) actually knows what it is, Tim (Joe Duttin) is still trying to think of his father’s best, but this week he can’t escape the harsh reality of who his father is no more. When Sally (Sally Dinever) learns that Jeff has installed CCTV in the house, she is determined to see what is recorded – only Jeff catches her at home.

Sally is able to talk herself out of the situation and she escapes with the laptop, however, knowing she doesn’t have much time, she calls the team and rushes to her aid. He spoke to Phi Winds (Eli Leach) to let the team know what he had done and agreed to help them find any footage that had been deleted. It looks like Phi will probably succeed, the game has finally become Jeff’s, and will Tim realize that he defended him completely wrong?

Dev is worried about money

Dev Alahan (Jimmy Harkishin) is worried about his money this week and he realizes that he may have to sell the kebab shop to get some necessary funds. Without wasting any time, he arranges for an estate agent to visit the property – which immediately raises concerns about Barney Winter (Sarah Jane Hazlegrove) and Kathy Mathews (Melania Hill) who fear they may lose their jobs.

When they challenged Dev about what he was doing, he apologized but insisted that his family’s needs should be his priority. The word of the sale soon hit the streets with Chesney Brown (Sam Aston) worried about what the lack of income would mean for his extended family. But it’s not just the money problem that Dev had to fight this week as Adi grabs hope with Corey and tells him quickly, provoking the father and daughter to have a deadly argument. Will God’s problem ever end?

David and Shona hit a road block

The path to true love has never been easier and for David Platt (Jack P. Shepherd) and Shona Ramsay (Julia Golding) it was the toughest thing ever. On the way to recovery, however, large chunks of his memories are still missing, the feeling of hearing David continues and this week, he put her in charge of Lily that she trusts him.

When it doesn’t go well enough to plan, Shona fears she’s ruined things forever with David, when she relies on Sarah Barlow (Tina O’Brien) to start thinking she’s the person she’s never been before. No. Discovering that Shona is planning to leave Weatherfield, David knows he can’t let her go and quickly arranges a BBQ to see how much he loves her. Only when a large sinkhole suddenly appears in the back garden of the plot house do they get ruined for a few days and later they learn that the house is structurally unsafe. As Roy offers to keep them at the hotel, is this a good opportunity for David and Shona to get closer?

Oliver takes turns for the worst

When Oliver’s alarm goes off, Cornwall, Lynne Battersby (Jane Danson), Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) and Steve MacDonald (Simon Gregson) are preparing for much-needed leave – indicating that he has one more detainee. Knowing the drill so far, they decided to take him to the hospital immediately and will have to wait anxiously to see if he is OK.

Unfortunately, they will soon learn that Oliver is on a bad path when they are told that he was not only taken to intensive care, he is now only breathing because of being on life support. Lynn tries to stay positive and try to convince herself that she will avoid, but Steve can’t share her optimism. Meanwhile, Nick falls into the hospital’s old face and sees Natasha Blackman back at Weatherfield. What has Natasha (Rachel Leskovac) brought back and how will these two ex-lovers come together?

Elsewhere on Coronation Street

  • Daniel Osborne (Rob Mallard) talks to Adam Burlow (Sam Robertson) that he is worried about Nikki (Kimberly Hart Simpson) but Adam insists he can take care of himself – he is still being fired because of his profession. But weeks later, Daniel is surprised when Nicky unexpectedly comes up, they may agree that they may be friends. But is Daniel just going to be happy with the friendship?
  • Although her father is worried about money, Asha Alhan (Tanisha Gary) has hurt her son a lot because he has found out that no one else approves, despite his serious treatment of Corey. Dev shares his feelings about Corey this week and then hopes to hear from Nina Lucas (Molly Gallagher) again. But hopefully they will hear the warning?

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