Coronation Street 2021 Preview | 12 spoilers with Geoff’s return

After celebrating the winner’s 60th anniversary and ending the story of forced torture, Coronation Street has huge plans to keep everything on top with a huge dolly of a huge drama to hit the screens in 2021.

Kerry producer Ian McLeod has shared 12 big storyline spoilers for 12 months – Jeff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholomew) started the journey with a surprise comeback! And you thought you saw his last …

Evil Jeff came back

Yasmin Metcalfe (Shelley King) Fighting Her Husband’s Torture is the biggest story of 2020, which resulted in the death of Jaif – but in 2021 she is ready to return to mourning! “You’ll see Jeff again, but he hasn’t come back from the dead. It’s a psychological place where Yasmin discovers herself, Jeff’s shadow stays over her and we get to see her again in reality through some dramatic device throughout the new year. Geoff’s first wife Elaine Jones (Paula Wilcox) will be a beacon of light to help Yasmin, providing some light things as well as heartbreaking drama. ”

Fire attack covered

Who attacked Adam Barlow (Samuel Robertson) It was a big deception, since it was revealed on New Year’s Eve that he was not the intended target, and the results would be massive. “It’s a misnomer – Phi Winds (Eli Leach) thought it was Ray Crosby (Mark Frost) and killed him as punishment for his attack. He knows he has done something terrible and feels very guilty, but his loved ones want to protect him and this troubled young girl can know that she has been victimized. “

Gary becomes the hero – for now

Moving on to his younger sister, viewers will see a new side of the bad boy Gary Windus (Mickey North), who McLeod assures us is not going anywhere. “Gary is capable of doing dark things but no Richard Hillman, not a murderer of dead eyes. He killed Rick to save his family. I like that he is morally complex, a great example of his efforts to save Fike and he has tried to get back on the slippery moral slouch path. I’m enjoying Gary and I’m in no hurry to say goodbye to the character. “

Close on the net ray

As Russell Roy became more determined than ever to destroy the road in 2021, this unscrupulous businessman became even more dangerous. “His brutality and sexual assault have reached fever. Roy is desperate to get his development deal, if it goes wrong, it’s a screen for him. Abby Franklin (Sally Carmen) takes him again, then Debbie Webster (Sue Devnei) and Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) arrive in a life-and-death struggle. “

Peter gives up life

Betrayed by Carla Connor (Alison King), Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoigne) risked his life by hitting the bottle, and in 2021 doctors said he was on the verge of death. “Personally, this is the biggest test for Peter, who hits the all-time low. He needs to decide that he wants to move on with the treatment and basically chooses a path that is slowly like suicide, which makes his family horrible. It’s extremely sensitive, can Barlos and Carla convince him he wants to survive? Carla must do something that will make Peter hate her for a while to save her. This is the couple’s latest ‘judgment by fire’ and they will become stronger. “

Ed’s brother Ronnie causes chaos

Two more new members of the Bailey family are being introduced – Michael Bailey (Ryan Russell) and Grace Vickers’ (Kate Spencer) baby, who arrived prematurely, and Ronnie, the brother of Ed Bailey (Trevor Michael Georges). “He’s a huge injection of chaos, energy and humor, a real Jack-the-Boy who heads the comfortable life of the family. Ronnie reminded me of the ruthless but charming Danny Baldwin and appeared with a secret that exploded at the worst.”

Lynne and Simon are in danger

He is still in the process of Oliver’s death, but 2021 presents a brand new challenge for Lynne Buttersby (Jane Danson) as she fights to save her other son, Simon Barlow (Alex Bain). “Driven by grief, Simon falls into an unavoidable situation and should do his best to protect Lean from his side. It draws on Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) and Sam Blackman (Jude Riordan), clashes with the story of Peter and Carla and brings an explosion from the past of Rita Tanner (Barbara Knox). It starts from small but transforms into a huge, high-octane thriller, ending where you least expect it. This is the story that makes me the most interesting for this year. “

The dark side of Daisy

Johnny Connor (Richard Howley) is in prison for his historic crime, so lonely landlord Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) needs the support of newly arrived honest daughter Daisy Middle (Charlotte Jordan), she probably won’t be like him … “Daisy plays Yago role, Whispering in Jenny’s ear, crushing her against her husband. It’s naughty and manipulative and funny! We’ll take a closer look at Jonny’s MS and see how he’s doing copyright with her in prison and beyond. “

New love for Nina

Roy Cropper’s Goth niece (David Nielsen) has served a clever one-liner with Bacon Butts at the cafe, and fans will get to see more of him in 2021. “Nina Lucas (Molly Gallagher) is no different from any other character and is there. In front of him is a love story that will surprise you. It has been transformed into a larger issue-led story in terms of the tolerance of minorities and people in co-cultures that is different from what the rest of society sees and feels. It involves Roy, Abby and Kevin and turns into a huge, emotional community story. “

A new ordeal of hope

McLeod’s focus is on Weatherfield’s next generation as street teenagers take center stage, with Asha Alhan (Tanisha Gary) starting from behind her online sexual shame plan. “We probably expected Asha’s boyfriend, Corey Brent (Maximus Evans), to expect himself to be unpredictable. I think he’s fictional and all the teenagers including Adi Alhan (Adam Hussein) and Kelly Nilon (Millie Gibson) provide us with huge stories that form a great foundation for our future stars. “

Todd lost everything

Toxic Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce) has gone to great lengths to beat Billy May (Daniel Brocklbank) from Paul Foreman (Peter Ash), realizing no win would be embarrassing and short-lived. “Todd gets what he wants, but how he does it will be up to him. In 2021 his deception was exposed in an explosive way and he will lose everything again, but he will Tiffany and come back. Todd began working with the entrepreneurs with Georgie Shuttleworth (Tony Modsley), which is a brilliant double job as they are opposite each other. Todd has the ability to be fun and enjoyable as a villain, so he will have humor when doing bad things! “

Sean crosses the line

Eager to prepare for the lost time, Shawn Tully (Anthony Cotton) wants to prove himself as a father – though at a price. “Dylan Wilson (Liam McCain) will be back for a longer range soon and we’ll see the good and bad aspects of Shawn as he tries to raise his son as a single father. Shill makes a morally questionable decision to give Dylan a decent home and ruin him for his past absence. There is a lot of money trouble after Kavid who will first sympathize with his plight, but in the end how many ways justify it? He will not commit any crime, but will suck at anything harmful that affects his relationship with his neighbors. “

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