Corey Montaith’s mother, An Naya, paid tribute to Rivera

Corey Montgomery’s mother, Ann McGregor, pays tribute to her son’s former Glee co-star Naya Rivera.

Montegra shared a sensitive Instagram post about Rivera’s death on Wednesday (July 1), the seventh anniversary of Monteith’s death. Monteith died in 2013 at the age of 31 from an accidental drug overdose

McGregor shared a letter as well as pictures of his son and Rivera during their time in Glee.

“For the past several years, July 13th has spread our hearts beyond repair,” McGregor began. “There aren’t enough words to describe the pain we’re feeling. We’re really upset at the loss of that narcissist.”

He added, “Corey loved you so much.” He cared more about your friendship than you did. From the smiles you shared, from the strength you gave him when you needed him the most. Cory really caressed you. “

McGregor shares that his son liked the iconic scene where Santana (Rivera) slapped Finn (Monteith) when he fired her as a gay character.

“He was amazed at your incredible talent, the way you put everything you put into each performance; One of his favorite stories was to share the slap in the auditorium, “he said.” You once said you were like a member of your family; you must always be a part of us. We will carry you in our hearts forever. We miss you forever. For friends were reunited.

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