Control: AWE DLC – How to find all 7 side-missions Completion Guide

As you explore the new investigative sector at WWLC for control you will find seven hidden side-missions. Some of these missions are not to be missed, but you need to search carefully to unlock others. It’s not always clear what you need to do for these missions, so here are some quick tips to help you complete each one – and what unique rewards you’ll receive for completing them.

There are several insane aspects of control and the missions you get in the investigation sector are quite strange. You will send mysterious chain letters, communicate with aliens and solve the mysteries of the ghost train. There is even a paired mode mini-game that you can unlock and practice against an army of tough enemies. A perfect use for the killer new power that you can unlock in DLC.

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Guide to all side-mission locations and completion

7 new side-missions have been found throughout the AWE DLC. Here are some tips to help you get started and complete them.

Side-Mission: Died on its tracks – Art Gall Ltd. unlocks after defeating Hartman in the AWE Chamber. Contact the train door to start the side-mission.

  • To complete this mission, you need to interact with the objects in the correct order.
    • Solution: Leather Bag, Conductor Hat, Violin, Dinner Plate, Hammer, Engine Parts
  • To solve this side-mission, you can earn one-way track shutter mode, it reduces the scattering by -100.

Side-mission: Garbile tops the list – FRA is located in Mauro Fear, turn on the lights and then go back. Locate the holding cell on the right and activate it to start the mission.

  • Get all the items in the two FRA Mauro AWE mobile labs, then go to the sector head office at the beginning of the investigation. There’s an astronaut helmet here! Grab it and come back to the stranger.
  • Complete this mission to earn thin space charge weapon mode. This gives you + 1000% projectile speed.

Side-mission: Go back to the sender – Shipped offices in mail tubes found near CP. After picking it up, go back to the Operations Center and look for a copy machine.

  • The copy machine is located below the control room in the operations center.
  • Send mail from three locations, then return to shifting offices. You can now access a strange mailbox. Interact to clean it up!
  • Earn spam mail spin mode to complete the side-mission. It does 100% weapon damage after killing you.

Side-mission: Sham – Found in the active investigation area, look at the Southwest office, here is a strange arcade game.

  • There are two options – Crowd control And Deadline.
  • Crowd control is a forceful survival mode. Try to survive as long as you can against the waves of Hish enemies.
  • Challenges you to kill 50 enemies before the time runs out. Each enemy you kill or control gives you +5 seconds.
  • Complete 1 of these games to complete the quest.

Side-mission: Another great mess: Burn the dark – Posted on the wall at the Operations Center in the Investigation Sector, to the left of the Globe Board. Burn the three spots dark.

Cow # 1: Investigation / Service ducts – The service ducts are pulled to the front of the FRA Mauro AW room. Exit through the upper level control room to reach them.
Ga # 2: Investigation / aggl Ltd AWE – Find a lamp in the control room in the huge room with the suspended train car!
Village # 3: Investigation / Utility Corridor – The second (south) bridge was found through the control room that you can enter from the turnstile. There is a lamp by the control room window.

Side-Mission: Another great mess: Clear the mold – Posted on the wall at the Operations Center in the Investigation Sector, to the left of the Globe Board. Eliminate three mold infestations.

  • Mold # 1: Investigating / Loading Low Vendants – Go down the vents from AW Loading Bay and look for a brakeable vent shaft on the left. This leads the house with this mold.
  • Mold # 2: Investigation / A / C Systems – Just before the Utility Corridor, you’ll find this allied cell first
  • Mold # 3: Investigation / Abandoned Offices – In the upper walkways between abandoned office and operator corridor vents.

Side-Mission: Another good mess: Nourish the plants – Posted on the wall at the Operations Center in the Investigation Sector, to the left of the Globe Board. Restore three plants with light.

  • Plant # 1: Investigation / AWE Loading Bay – There is a plant in the control room, a walkway to the left of the control room and downstairs opposite the control room.
  • Plant # 2: Investigation / Operation Corridor – At the beginning of the sector just before reaching the Central Operation Room.
  • Plant # 3: Investigation / Abandoned Office – At the beginning of the sector, you encounter enemies for the first time in the room.

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