Control: AWE DLC – How to Defeat Hartmann Again is the Mission Guide

The last mission of AWE DLC for control sends you to Bright Falls Entertainment – which is not too extensive. It’s really a simple mockery of the Caldron Lake lodge, Hartman’s expensive psychiatrist on the hill. In this arena, you have to fight one of the toughest battles of the whole game. Hartman doesn’t get wrapped up around, so here’s what you need to know to win.

About AWE DLC for Control Alan Wake The former protagonist of the ake is lost as the writer loses time and he is screening a new adventure for Jesse so that he can escape from the dark ocean. The assumption is very strange, and the control has had some huge impact on the world – but we are ignoring all that for now. This is about beating the last boss. If you need help or want to find this strange monster, scroll down for more information.

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How to kill Hartman This is Again Mission Guide

The last mission sends us Bright waterfall. Dark bulbs will stop your elevator on the way down. Hold the lamp on the right and clear the two shadows, then use the elevator to continue on the CP to overcome the hiccups.

Next, you’ll find another clicker. Hit it three times to enter the Oceanview Motel. Hit the front desk bell, turn on the light in the room to open the hall – hit the bell to unlock three doors each and clear three shadows. Once the three shadows have disappeared, the key to Alan Walk’s room will appear on the front desk.

In Bright’s Falls AWE, connect the four power cubes to the generator and then flip the switch on the raised platform in the middle of the room. With the lights on you can now fight Hartman.

Hartman boss:

Switching between Hartman teleports, desperate attacks and long-range attacks. When his back is illuminated, he will start exploding the tracking spines or the shotgun of the spines. Take the cover and elt it with a shot / throw from a distance. After an extensive attack, he will teleport to you and try to stump or catch you.

  • Note:: You can call an AI ally in the control room before the boss fights. This assistant makes this fight much easier to manage.

Make sure you always have enough power to dose when he teleports near you. It’s very sudden – if he catches you, he’ll leave your health to heal himself. Shoot him to get free.

Once you defeat him, the lights will go dark – he’ll have a second health bar. Two power cubes will fall off. Turn on the lights and reconnect the power to fight Hartman. When he is in poor health, he will drop the power cubes again – reconnect quickly or he will regain his health.

After each cycle, Hartman will be somewhat weaker. He will do more damage from your attacks, so if he heals perfectly you will still be able to defeat him quickly. The joke has just survived.

When darkness falls, I advise to go to the light region and defeat all the oncoming enemies. Turning them to you can be very helpful. Hartman will not attack you while you are in the light (stage of darkness).

Restore the lights and hit Hartman with whatever you have. Its animation is slow to bring out the dark – so you’ll be able to take lots of shots and junk with Levitt before it’s activated. Hit him hard enough and he will eventually go down.

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