Control: AWE DLC – Get the best model in the game by solving this elaborate Easter egg puzzle

Control fans have finally discovered the solution to a wide range of Easter eggs, starting with the original version of the game. The game has a secret message with “take control” – you’ll hear as soon as you finish the memo sequence on the memorable Austria in the game. Following Clue and searching every corner of the Oldest House, players were able to solve this ridiculous little quest.

How did they solve it? I have no idea – the intriguing part involves connecting a number to a clock. Yes, this puzzle contains passcodes. We were only able to solve it thanks to the tutorial posted by R / JD-Outcast on Reddy. If you are looking for a quick rundown of Easter eggs and how to unlock the useful rewards, scroll down for step-by-step instructions.

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‘Take Control’ Easter Egg Guide

To solve this ridiculously wide puzzle and achieve one of the best modes in the game, follow these steps. Easter eggs are only available in the WE DLC area – the investigation sector.

The secret room is down in a very dark corner.

# 1: Find the Secret Room

Fast travel Av Transit Bay CP In Investigation sector. Backtrack Shift office And look for a little dark path where unimaginable enemies patrol. At the bottom, there is a wall so you can open the mouth.

Go to the area with the green carpet where the monster appears. At the lowest level, look at the opposite of the raised office – this is where you need to hit.

If you can’t get into an office with a book and a radio, head to the curved hallway.

This secret room has a double-secret room.

# 2: Find the Second Secret Room

Hit the flat concrete wall in this secret room. This is the only empty wall in the office! Find a double-secret room that leads to a diamond-shaped entrance Inside leads, below the hallway is a strange clock.

Entering this room unlocks a ‘hidden zone’ – one of the most difficult to find in the game.

# 3: Input the hidden code

On the clock, you need to interact with the clock[[[[Square / X]When the following numbers have hands. If you interact at the right time, you will hear Gang Indicates that you input the code correctly.

Press[[[[Square / X]To use the clock and enter input mode. Press[[[[Square / X]To contact if the hand is in the correct number listed below. Press Interact again to start moving the hand again.

  • Interact if hands are on the following numbers:

If you input the codes correctly, the floor behind the clock will open

Enemies in the hard room, red room.

# 4: Fight through the red room

Drop down, then levit in Red house Down. Here are the battles of challenging enemies with high-level enemies. Clear these and you will find one Lightwich clicker At the back of the house

Use the clicker three times to enter the Oceanview Hotel.

Your reward is the last door on the left.

# 5: Collect your rewards

Now that you’re in Oceanview, you can claim your own secret prize. In the back left room at the bottom of the hallway, you’ll find it Individual mode of aerobics. This special mode gives you Add +10 Health Restore.

Every time you dodge, you earn +10 Health. This is a huge bonus that makes clever challenges like Hard Mode even easier. Now you can heal yourself in command, you need some extra HP to survive the deadly situation

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