Control: AWE DLC – Earn Lots Of Loot With Secret Killer Vending Machine Vending Spray Guide

Control AWDLC has a wonderful new enemy – and shooting it will result in a lot of rare loot. If you are less than craft materials or just want to see the very secret enemy in AWE, you need to shoot every vending machine you see.

In a note, you will learn about a strange thing found in a retirement home. This modified vending machine caters to anything the human heart desires – and is a living, breathing weapon at AWE. Available only Investigation sector, Vending machines will be randomly special loot-dropping vending machines. They will retreat immediately after appearing, but they are full of useful loot. Beat them enough and you can even earn. ‘Vending spray‘Acquisition / Trophy.

Learn how to spawn these secret loot spanners in the full guide below.

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Secret looting-enemy | Modified vending machine guide

To find modified vending machines, go to Abandoned office – The first area of ​​the investigation sector. There are three vending machines that you can test here and one of them is bound to be a secret loot-spore enemy.

Only classic vending machines with white snack bags inside will work. Shoot them once – if the light goes out they are ordinary vending machines. Enemies spread out at random, so you can explore or reset the sector if you don’t see it Coming back to the menu And the region is reloading.

  • Vending machine locations:
    • Machine # 1: Abandoned Offices – To the left of the ‘Service Tunnel’ sign.
    • Machine # 2: Abandoned Offices – The security checkpoint near the firebreak is past.
    • Machine # 3: Abandoned Offices – Before the Firebike Security Outpost.
    • Machine # 4: Operations Center – 2F on the second floor walkway outside the control room.
    • Machine # 5 + # 6: Operations Center – Opposite Hallway.

Vending machines don’t just drop materials. They also omit High level personal / weapon mode. And lots of them! You can get 10 get from a single vending machine. Any vending machine can probably be a secret loot-spore.

Search 80% vending machines for example, And you’ll ‘unlock’Vending spray‘Acquisition / Trophy. These are totally random, but here are just a few! The more you get, the less it will appear. Just keep trying and you’ll find them.

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