Contact Forward Travel Search Apps? The EU has rejected the election

The European Union has rejected the idea of ​​monitoring compulsory applications for international travel.

The proposal to enable airlines and international rail services to operate without the risk of virus transmission was one of several proposals …

However, Reuters said the EU should encourage the voluntary use of communication search engines.

The European Union has called on EU governments to use search applications in search of COVID-19 as part of a package of measures aimed at lifting border restrictions and restoring the EU tourism and travel industry.

Countries are moving fast to create mobile search in the hope that smartphone technology can help reopen borders without releasing the second epidemic (6).

The European Union’s chief executive commission sought to allay such concerns by stating that access to transit services should not be used for these applications.

“For example, monitoring and precautionary measures can be used to further diagnose and eliminate patients’ disease chains using mobile applications and to further reduce infection if the risk of traffic continues, ”he said. Reuters commission documents.

Some countries have completely banned passenger flights, others have partial debts, and some foreigners have imposed segregation requirements.

Airlines are fighting for survival and social disruption to aircraft can be completely economic. Even for most flights about 70% of the seats have to be gathered and ticket sales within a two-meter distance limit a maximum of 20% of the seats. Although it was suggested by some that pilots were required to comply with the pilot’s application for mandatory tracking for passengers, the EU dismissed it.

Europe has become a strong supporter of compatibility with communication tracking apps used in many countries. It requires a standard – but of course, the thing you can prove is a competitive offer, it’s no exception. Three separate criteria were created:

  • Protecting the Pan-European Privacy Statement (PEPP-PT)
  • More intimacy with secure privacy (DP3)
  • General Apple / Google API

So far, the Apple / Google API looks like it’s winning the war, and a growing number of European countries are embracing it. Even England, which has decided by any criteria, is considering the opportunity to implement an API created by two technology giants.

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