Construction crew ws to begin renovation activities at Professional Park Drive in Beaufort

Beaufort, NC. (WNCT) From Saturday, construction workers and equipment are scheduled to begin renovating professional park drive between Live Oak Street (USA) 0 and Calhoun Street.

The work is expected to take about seven days but will ultimately depend on the weather and may end and / or end longer than expected.

The rehabilitation of Professional Park Drive will involve a strategy where the existing damal pavement, the underlying base that supports the pavement, and some parts of the bottom of the base will be mixed evenly to form a new, homogeneous base course.

There will be times during work where only one lane will be open for vehicular traffic.

During these times, flaggers will appear on the scene for direct traffic.

There will also be a period of one or more days between the completion of base stabilization and widening.

Lower vehicle bodies and wheel wells can become somewhat dirty, especially during and immediately after rain.

Please avoid vehicle parking on professional park drive until work is completed.

Please remove all obstacles such as basketball goals, trash cans, etc. from the road

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