Congress opens new session as COVID-19, dominated by Biden’s victory

WASHINGTON (AP) – Congress will call for a new session to begin, swear in the Constituent Assembly as an epidemic for working to reverse Joe Biden’s victory over President Donald Trump, and impose restrictions on coronavirus spike capital. .

Democrat Nancy Pelosi is set to be elected speaker of the House on Sunday by her party, which retained a majority in the House but narrowly missed 20 years after the November election ended.

File – This Tuesday, December 15, 2020, photo of the file, Kentucky Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell speaks during a news conference with other Senate Republicans on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Preparing to call a new session with the swearing in of MPs at a turbulent time. Opening the Senate could be one of the final tasks of Mitch McConnell, the majority leader. Republican control is in question until Tuesday’s run-off election for Georgia’s two Senate seats. The result will determine which team holds in the chamber (AP, Nicholas Cum / Pool photo via file)

The opening of the Senate could be among the final tasks of Mitch McConnell as majority leader. Republican control remains in question until Tuesday’s run-off for Georgia’s two Senate seats. The result will determine which party holds in the chamber

It is often said that a divided government may be the time for a legal compromise, but lawmakers in the 117th Congress are becoming more fragmented with the nation than ever before, even debating other fundamental issues, including Biden’s election victory.

Fraud did not falsify the 2020 presidential election, election officials across the country have confirmed. Before resigning last month, Trump-appointed Republican Attorney General William Barr said fraud did not affect the outcome of the election. The Republican governors of Arizona and Georgia, whose states were crucial to Biden’s victory, also said their election results were accurate.

Biden throws Trump’s Electoral College Challenge GOP

Still, a dozen Republicans are bound for a new Senate led by Sense. Jose Howley and Ted Cruz and more have pledged to be resistance forces at Biden’s White House, beginning with attempts to undermine the will of American voters. These GOP lawmakers plan to object to the election results when the Electoral College meets on Wednesday to conclude its 306-232 victory against Trump.

In the meantime, Democrats have begun to work on overcoming the epidemic and the economic crisis, moving forward with the priority of partnering with Biden. They plan to reconsider the failed attempt to raise the epidemic aid 2,000 2,000 for most people.

“The chairman of the House Democratic Caucasus is Rep. Magistrate Jeffries, DNEY, Rep. Magistrate Jeffries is a” “judge.” Interview.

“America is a stable nation filled with desperate people,” he said. “We will continue to rise to the occasion arising from this epidemic and move forward towards our more perfect union.”

Georgia has heights for the U.S. Senate run-off

House Republican entrants include Georgia’s Trump-affiliated Marjorie Taylor Green, who agreed to the conspiracy theories of Q-Annon, and Colorado gun rights lawyer Lauren Boebert, who circulated a letter advocating for lawyers to carry firearms. In the capital.

Taylor Green Alabama Rep. The House, led by Moe Brooks, was among a group of Republicans who met with Trump at the White House during the holiday season to discuss his efforts to predict the election.

“January. There are 6 challenges going on,” Taylor Green said in a tweet pinned to the top of his social media account. Boybert also tweeted support for Biden’s challenge.

House Republicans have raised their ranks by electing a handful of women and minorities in the November election. Some of the new GOP lawmakers are being called a counter to the “Freedom Force” and “Squad” – the New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other liberal Democratic women who resigned in the last session.

The Capitol itself is a modified place of coronavirus restriction. Lawmakers are arriving in Washington from all parts of the country, possibly infected with the virus, during their travels.

Several lawyers have been infected by the virus. A memorial service was held Saturday for Luke Letlow, a newly elected Republican lawmaker from Louisiana, who died of complications from COVID-19 19 days before Saturday.

‘It’s different’: Sen Mitch McConnell’s house in Louisville was vandalized

The Office of the Attending Physician has issued several long memos to virtually stop the spread of the virus, shutting down lawyers or groups of traditional receptions. Masks have always been ordered to be worn and Pelosi has been required to use them in the House chamber. Members need to be tested for coronavirus and use vaccines.

“Do not engage in any private-social events, receptions, celebrations, or appointments outside of your family unit and do not always wear face masks outside your home,” a memo from the physician’s office warned. “You should avoid the rigors of office-based receptions or celebrations in the days ahead.”

Even formal swearing-in ceremonies will be confined to the House. There is no longer a portrait of a large family with new members of parliament taking the oath. Instead, each representative elected can bring a guest in line with the social distance protocol.

The vice president usually swears in senators.

Pelosi, who is back as speaker, faces a tough race, with the House split 222-211, a race still uncertain and a vacancy after Letlo’s death.

The California Democrat may tolerate some deviations from his position, but with the exception of the absence, only a handful of lawyers remain isolated after coronavirus infection or exposure. The speaker is present to hold the jewel and most of the voters need to win

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