Congress has certified the victory of the Electoral College in Biden

WASHINGTON (News Nation Now) – Congress confirmed the victory of President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College on Thursday morning in a delayed joint session Wednesday afternoon by violent protesters violating the capital.

The joint session ended with the congressional confirmation of the EST at 4:41 a.m. As the vote spread early in the morning, a small group of House lawyers came close to a physical fight.

The Congress first started its joint session at 11 am. Thousands of supporters of President Donald Trump rallied to the White House before some protesters turned violent and demolished the Capitol building, to count and confirm the votes of the Electoral College elected by Biden.

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The Senate reissued its debate over the election college’s results after protesters forced police to lock down the building. Lawmakers were forced to hide in a safe place as officers worked to clear the capital complex. The scene was declared a riot by police and a curfew was in effect for DC until 6 p.m.

Speaking to Americans from Delaware on Wednesday, Biden condemned the violence and told Trump to go on national television to “fulfill his oath and protect the constitution and end the blockade.”

Biden called the U.S. capital blockade “an attack on the holiest of American initiatives: the business of the people.”

Trump’s Republican allies in the House and Senate planned to object to the election results, which continued to challenge the president. But several Republican senators turned up in the light of the violent protests and did not object to the congressional credentials.

Census. Steve Dennis of Montana, Mike Brown of Indiana and Kelly Loffler of Georgia all said in the light of the violence that they would step down from objecting to the plan against Biden’s victory.

Among those still objecting is Missouri GOP Sen. Josh Howley and the Republican Rep. Of Pennsylvania. Scott Perry.

This joint session was the last formal opportunity for Trump and his party to object without court cases proving invalid so far.

After Congress won Biden, Trump issued a statement promising to “transfer January 20 in an orderly manner.”

“Although I do not fully agree with the outcome of the election, and the events make sense to me, January 20 will be an orderly transition. I have always said that we will continue our fight to ensure that only legal votes can be counted. While this represents the culmination of the first ever presidency, it is only the beginning of the struggle to make America great again! “

Statement by President Donald J. Trump on election credentials

There was no widespread fraud in the election, as confirmed by William Barr, a multiple official of the Election Commission and the resignation of the Attorney General last month.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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