Columbus Cop opposes ex-officer Adam Co, says Andre Hill Didnot threatens

Columbus police responded to a non-emergency call ending the death of an unarmed black man on December 22, sharing his own story, dealing directly with the officer who fired the deadly shot.

Officer Adam Koy was fired after the murder of Adre Hill on Monday when he responded to a neighbor’s 1:37 minute call saying a man had been sitting in an SUV in a garage for an extended period of time.

Koe only turned on his worn-out camera after the shooting, but the previous 60 seconds were captured without a “look-back feature” audio.

In an internal affairs report released Tuesday, Coy’s colleague, Officer Amy Detweller, details what she saw that morning.

Detweiler arrives at the scene shortly after the coyote and sees Hill walking from the SEOV to a home garage. (An “expected guest” at the Hill House, as Mayor Andrew Ginther later said.)

Detweller said Hill was not trying to get into the room but he was worried and felt he might need “help” to get inside. Coe, however, instructed Hill to get out of the garage.

Heel obeyed and without saying a word started walking from the garage with cellphone in one hand and pocket in the other.

At this point, Coe shouted, “He has a gun in his hand, he has a gun in his other hand!” And started shooting, according to Detweller.

But Detwiler told investigators he didn’t see any guns from Hill when he came out of the garage and “didn’t see any threats.” No guns were found at the scene.

After the shooting, according to the police department’s investigation, no officer came to Hill’s aid for a few minutes, and two policemen handcuffed Hill while he was lying on the ground.

In a December 2 written report, Columbus Police Chief Thomas Quinlan said he thought he was a bit off when he arrived at the scene, officers monitored and then saw body cam footage – although he did not elaborate on his observations.

Quinlan wrote, “I have responded to many officer-involved shooting scenes and have spoken to many officers after this serious incident.” “There was something very different about the busyness of the officers after this serious incident which is difficult to describe for this letter.”

When advising Kwa to be fired, Quinlan said the experienced police conductor’s conduct was “reckless and intentional” and “a ‘disguise’ was not wrong.”

Quinlan also said he had serious concerns about Coe’s move on the force, at least since 2006. The Daily Beast has received at least 160 complaints against Coe during his nearly 20 years as a police officer.

Columbus Public Safety Director Ned Petas Jr. fired Kwa on Monday. He said in a statement, “The oath of the Columbus Police Officer, or the standards that our officers and the community claim, does not meet the demands of Adam Coe.” “Andre Hill’s shooting is a tragedy for the community as well as for those who loved him in addition to our police department.” Coe is still facing a criminal investigation.

Hill was killed just weeks after Casey Goodson shot the sheriff’s deputy in Columbus and another black man. His family said Goodson was holding subway sandwiches at his grandmother’s home at the time.


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